In a public conference held by the Institute of Policies Studies, the council member of Singapore’s Research, Innovation and Enterprise Council (RIEC) Peter Schwartz said that Singapore should go nuclear if it wants to cut down on carbon emissions.

The RIEC is chaired by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who appoints members to two-year terms. The RIEC comprises Cabinet Ministers and distinguished local and foreign members from the business, science and technology communities. Peter Schwartz is an American futurist who is appointed by Lee Hsien Loong as a council member.

Photo by blog.longnow
Photo by blog.longnow

The businessman recommended nuclear power for Singapore if the country wants to address climate change and even claimed that nuclear power is safe, without explaining why and how:

“You’re going to continue to need electricity, and renewables will be insufficient. You’re either going to have to continue using natural gas or move to nuclear power. In the end, if we’re really serious about climate change, then we’re facing one alternative. And that one alternative that we actually have is nuclear power. Despite high-profile disasters such as Fukushima in Japan, nuclear power has been safe.”


It is unlikely a landlocked country like Singapore can survive a nuclear fallout like Japan and Russia. Do you think Lee Hsien Loong will heed Peter Schwartz’s business advice and go nuclear in Singapore?