Photo by Facebook
Photo by Facebook

Smarter. Faster. Sharper.

An undisclosed billions of taxes has been spent on 8 new warships by the Singapore Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen. Minister Ng Eng Hen boasted on his Facebook page that the warships will sharpen the navy’s firepower to tackle new maritime threats, and that all 8 warships are locally designed and built in Singapore.

The Singapore Navy currently have 11 twenty-year-old warships which are due to retire once the 8 new warships are ready.

A search on the price of US littoral warships state that the price of one costs around US$591 millions as projected by the US Congressional Budget Office.

Assuming the Singapore Government is able to produce a quality warship that is on par with the US Navy, one such Singapore warship could cost around S$700 millions or an estimated total bill of S$5.6 billion.