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In the public forum SG50+ Conference at Shangri-La Hotel, Emeritus Senior Minister (ESM) Goh Chok Tong said that Singaporeans should remain rational and wise and not treat elections trivially:

“They should not treat elections like circuses, auctions, beauty contests, or tikam tikam (Malay for select randomly). On the evidence of past general elections, Singaporean voters are astute in their collective vote, choosing when and how to calibrate between showing approval and unhappiness. May they remain rational and wise.”

Photo by Bloomberg
Photo by Bloomberg

ESM Goh also highlighted on the importance of having people who can best run the office to step forward and contest the election, and that Singaporeans must be ready to support them to ensure good governance in Singapore:

“The rest of us must be prepared to support them, because they represent our best hope for collective success. If they go down, Singapore goes down along with every one of us.

In our hands, rest the power and responsibility to make a positive difference, some to lead and others to support. The responsibility of democracy producing good governance lies with the citizens and the political parties which contest to govern them.”

However ESM Goh did not specify how “good leaders” are selected. It appears that “good leaders” only come through the selection process of the ruling PAP Government, and their typical profiles are former military generals and union leaders from the only government-controlled trade union, NTUC.

ESM Goh’s words suggest that the current PAP leadership is the best Singaporeans have and that the current administration by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is what he called “good governance”.

Given the declining standard of living, do you still think Lee Hsien Loong’s administration is good governance?