A Dutch cabby assailant who assaulted a taxi driver had his 3 weeks jail sentence extended to 3 months upon the successful appeal from the public prosecution. The deputy public prosecutor (DPP) made the appeal because he believed the preceding Judge portrayed the Dutch as a victim in the case.

Justice Imran was reported to have “noted that the victim had also engaged in a scuffle with van Deijzen and traded blows, which would have explained the blunt force trauma suffered by the accused.” Appeal Judge Tay however do not agree with Judge Imran saying the accused claims were “convenient excuses to downplay his use of inexcusable violence”.

The aggravating factors behind the sentence increase is a lack of remorse and no offer of compensation to the victim.

34 year old Dutch Dino Petrus Johannes van Deijzen who is working as a design executive was sentenced to a 3 weeks jail on June 19 for viciously punching and kicking a 42 year old taxi driver after the former refuse to pay his taxi fare. The victim suffered multiple abrasions all over his body and could not drive for five days, severely affecting his livelihood – losing income and having to pay rental while he recovers.

Photo by thestraitstimes Wong Kwai Chow
Photo by thestraitstimes Wong Kwai Chow

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