Was disturbed to receive this projection payslip from a 53-year-old jobless PMET last week about to enter the security sector.

It stated the amount he will receive if he works 72 hours a week for 6 days straight without any interruption. Its a daily 12-hour work day either from 8am to 8pm or vice versa.

Its almost slavery I thought to myself and he told me MOM allows it according to the labour law.

What disturbed me more is the fact that he once worked as a regional director earning $12,000 a month at his peak.

He dines at the finest restaurant and has close to 200 workers at his command then.

The fall has been swift and brutal with him ekking out a tough living now after the retrenchment during the 2008/9 financial crisis.

He is earning $80 a day patrolling his work station after looking fruitlessly for viable employment for about a year.

Photo by Gilbert Goh
Photo by Gilbert Goh

He told me he felt very hurt seeing so many foreigners sitting in well-decorated work stations at his work place whereas he has to work as a guard there.

There is nothing to be proud of as a Singaporean especially when you are reaching the twilight of your career.

Employers find you both too old and unteachable…they won’t consider you even if you ask for less than half of your usual salary.

Moreover, to add to his desperation, he has two children studying in local university and one other taking his A level.

He says he has no choice as he is literally scrapping the barrel especially after losses in a folded-up tour business.

If you are doing well now spare a thought for those who aren’t as you may end up like them one day.

Gilbert Goh

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