A NUS Law Professor has been criticized by the judge for lacking remorse in his attacks against a 70 year old taxi driver, which left the victim with serious injuries needing 17 days of medical leave (you may view the original article here). Judge Victor Yeo said that the foreigner NUS Law Professor, Sundram Peter Soosay, had ample time since judgment to make compensations to the victim, but nothing has been offered.

Photo from NUS Law School
Photo from NUS Law School

Judge Victor also criticized the defence’s arguments as fanciful and contrived, and the NUS Law Professor’s testimony to be “riddled with hindsight reasoning, convenient conjecture and hypothesis.” The judge then concluded:

“The accused has shown no sign of remorse.”

The judge gave the NUS Law Professor a jail term of four months and a court order for him to compensate the taxi driver S$1,500. The defence lawyer said that his client intends to lodge an appeal against the sentence.

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