Photo by Gilbert Cheah
Photos by Gilbert Cheah

Just had this BIZARRE experience— I was walking to my car in the carpark of Paragon when i saw this very cool Mercedes AMG with gull-wing doors. I took my phone out and snapped a photo of it. Just then the owner, a lady, comes up and starts SCREAMING at me for taking photos, saying “I didn’t give you permission! Stop! I’m calling the police!” I was so shocked and asked her what the problem was, and that I took the photo because she had a very nice car. She continued to shout and said she would call the police, at which point I said, ‘Fine call the police” and she takes out her phone and starts taking my photo. I just stood there and smiled at her as she snapped photos. Then when I walked back to my car, parked nearby, she screamed, “Your cheapskate car! You are so cheapskate!” As I got into the car she ran in front of it and snapped photos, saying “See your cheapskate car! Get lost! Cheapskate!”

And yes, she was a local.

Gilbert Cheah

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