The PRC woman recently in the limelight for eating at someone else’s buffet has approached the Chinese papers Lian He Wan Bao to clarify that her maid was solely at fault for suggesting the idea. According to Lian He Wan Bao, 30 year old China National, King Yin, and her husband approached the media yesterday after seeing media reports. King Yin was in tears as she pushed the blame to her maid.

Photo from Theodora
Photo from Theodora

The China National was caught on photo by the host of the private function and posted up on Facebook on Monday (June 15). The host complained that when King Yin was confronted, the latter even argued saying that she believe the food in the function room is always free. King Yin, her maid and her two children then left their mess on buffet line before they left.

Do you think the PRC woman should have just apologised and offered to pay, instead of going to the national media to pin the blame solely on her maid?

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