More than 440,000 Singaporeans aged 65 and older who qualify as the Pioneer Generation (PG) will be receiving Medisave top-ups ranging from S$200 to S$800 in July.

The Ministry of Finance said that the top-up for PG will stack with another round of Medisave top-up under the GST Voucher Scheme which will be disbursed in August.

A Singaporean elderly aged 85 who qualify for both the PG and GST Voucher Scheme may receive a total up to S$1,250 in Medisave in 2015. As the Medishield Life premium for an 85 year old is S$615 a year, a PG elderly should effectively not be paying any out-of-pocket cash for medical procedures and specific prescriptions from the new national insurance scheme.

Infographic from Ministry of Finance
Infographic from Ministry of Finance

However, PG elderly will still have to pay 50% of medicines and doctor consultations at Polyclinics and specialist clinics.

Do you think the Singapore Government should do more for these pioneers by making sure they do not pay a single cent for any treatment and even be entitled to more free preventive care?