The former Financial Controller of Singapore Government-linked company, Singapore Technologies Marine Group, appeared in court this morning (Jun 10) to face corruption charges for abetment of making false claims amounting to S$126,156.

Photo from thestraitstimes Wong Kwai Chow
Photo from thestraitstimes Wong Kwai Chow

58 year old Patrick Lee Swee Ching was charged for 38 counts of falsification of accounts. The prosecution alleged that Patrick was colluding with his ex-colleagues to bribe ST Marine’s customers for ship-repair contracts. The former well-paid executive gave a statement in court today that he intends to plead guilty.

Patrick Lee faces a maximum penalty up to 10 years and a fine and is currently on a S$150,000 bail.

In December 2014, another highly-paid executive from ST Marine, former President Chang Cheow Teck, was charged in court along with two vice-presidents and another group financial controller also from ST Marine for corruptions between 2004 and 2010.

Do you think a person can be kept incorruptible by high salaries?