The Singapore government is among the 22 countries who won the United Nations Public Service Award today. There are four categories who awards, and Singapore won under Category 3 – Promoting Whole of Government Approaches in the Information Age. Sharing the first prize winner is the Thailand military junta government.

The Singapore government however did not win any awards in the other three categories as follow:

Category 1 – Improving the Delivery of Public Services
Category 2 – Fostering Participation in Policy Making Decisions through Innovative Mechanisms
Category 4 – Promoting Gender Responsive Delivery of Public Services.

The Thailand military junta won first place in Category 3 with Singapore and also won second place in Category 4 – Promoting Gender Responsive Delivery of Public Services. The rest of the category winners are Indonesia, Philippines, India and South Korea – which makes them “UN Public Service Award winners” as well.

The Singapore government-controlled mainstream media The Straits Times however chose to mislead readers into believing Singapore being the sole winner of the award with the headline “Singapore tops the region in annula United Nations Public Service Awards””:

Screenshot from thestraitstimes website
Screenshot from thestraitstimes website

There were no mention of other winners in The Straits Times’s article and the reporter conveniently praised Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say in the rest of the article.

You may view the winners from the list here.