Students with Singapore’s first liberal arts college Yale-NUS College are lambasting the school and some are dropping out due to the lack of staff and academic depth. Started in 2013, the college today have 330 students and 3% of them have chosen to leave for other top universities.

Photo by studentry
Photo by studentry

A present student with the college, Lichie Nazirah Nwaozuzu, who is the first batch of Yale-NUS students enrolled, said in a media interview that she initially took up a double degree programme, but later chose to drop one degree programme because the school lack in-depth teaching. Lichie described the teaching manner as “touch and go” and it is meaningless for everyone.

Another ex-student with Yale-NUS, Rocco Hu, who left the college for Oxford,  described the teachings as “seminar-style” and “discussion-based” instead of having taught deep academic expertise like any top university. Rocco also revealed that the professors were overworked and mostly temporary employees who did not get their full tenure. The teaching faculty members will have to publish research, go on sabbatical leave and research leave, leaving little time and focus for the students.

A Yale-NUS spokesperson however did not deny the allegations and instead said the college is hiring 20 more faculty members on top of the existing 70 by next month.

The school fees for Yale-NUS is S$90,000 for Singaporeans on a 5-year course.