A 22 year old Malaysian man has been jailed 4 years for using a fake United Overseas Bank (UOB) credit card to buy S$52,160 worth of watches at Tag Heuer, Ion Orchard. Bryan Kung Ven Hong is a Malaysian general worker in Sabah, and volunteered to carry out the cheating act for a syndicate based in Malaysia.

Photo from Google

He flew to Johor Bahru on March 30, and along with an accomplice, he was given seven fake credit cards with his name on it. He came to Singapore by bus on the same day, and went straight to a Uniqlo boutique at Ion Orchard to buy presentable new outfits for him to carry out his big purchase cheat at a reputable store. The S$80 purchase went unnoticed at Uniqlo, but when he went to a Tag Heuer store to purchase four watches worth S$52,160, the card failed. The retail assistant took a photo of his counterfeit UOB credit card and sent it to UOB for verification. UOB responded that the card was fake and the police was called. Bryan was arrested on the spot in the shop.

The court sentenced Bryan to a 4 years jail term for conspiracy to cheat. The maximum sentence for aggravated cheating is 7 years jail term.