Honestly, what do people expect the Worker’s Party to do with only 7 people in Parliament? Do they expect the Worker’s Party to change policies and change how things are run in Singapore with only 7 people?

As we all can see by now, the Worker’s Party is still fighting for their lives in Parliament. The PAP is still trying to fix the Worker’s Party, even with 7 people inside.

Do you know why the PAP is afraid that there will be 30 opposition politicians in Parliament? Then it will be a lot more people to fix. Now, they only need to train their resources on 7. It’s very easy for the PAP to fix the Worker’s Party and we are seeing them to do that now.

Honestly, Singaporeans, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You cannot want the PAP (well some of you at least) and then have a few token opposition politicians to “check” the PAP. This is never going to happen. The PAP treats them like flies to swat at.

It is this – you want change to come, then you change the government. You sack the PAP.

Really, what do you expect 7 people from the opposition to do? They do not have enough people to vote against policies we don’t want. They do not have enough people to propose policies. The PAP simply doesn’t take then seriously.

And even if there are 30, so what? The PAP will still push through policies and what can the opposition do?

Photo by The Workers' Party
Photo by The Workers’ Party

I think Singaporeans, let’s be realistic. If we want things to change, if we want members of parliament to be able to actually propose policies in our interest, then we need to have enough of them in Parliament to be able to propose and pass these laws to protect us, and to be clear, that means we need two-thirds of opposition politicians in Parliament.

Some people think that the Worker’s Party doesn’t seem to be making an impact since 2011. But really, I ask you, what do you expect 7 people to do? They have to try to keep fending off the PAP and now, we have seen that they have been struggling because the PAP won’t even allow them to run the town council properly. The PAP has been fixing them since 2011 (and further back).

So unless we have the balls to stand up and run for Parliament, and unless we stand up and be counted, then maybe let us come to our senses and realise that if we don’t stand up and fight for ourselves, then maybe we should stop complaining that someone else isn’t doing a good job.

For goodness sake, all of us know that the PAP is now made up of weak and incapable people who are running on cruise mode and who cannot even fix the country’s problems. Yet, we continue to believe in the PAP’s propaganda – the opposition isn’t good enough blah blah.

Look, we can either stick with rudderless and incapable PAP MPs for the next 10, 20 years and see Singapore go down the drain or we can choose to vote for a new government, even as weaker, will finally allow the civil service to do their jobs. The civil service, academics, think tanks and civil society have been proposing solutions to fix Singapore’s problems for the past 30 years but the PAP has refused to enact them.

Once you vote in a new government, a new government will have to enact these solutions which are so urgently needed in Singapore. So, am I ready for a new government? Yes, I am.

There are only 7 opposition members in Parliament today. Honestly, there is nothing they can do. They are fighting for survival. They have to be strategic.

So, if you want something to be done, first, you should vote for the opposition to form at least half of government, or at least two-thirds, and second, you should stand up and form the government.

And for goodness sake, Singapore is not going to crumble when we have a new government. There is still the civil service, labour unions and Singapore companies who are the ones really running the show. So, unless you want to tell me that these entities are so useless that once 90 people change in government that everything will fall apart, then I will say yes, Singapore is hopeless to begin with.

Mind you, many of you make up the people who work in the government and if I cannot even count on you to run this country – yes, you are the ones really running the country, not the PAP – so if I cannot count on you and you cannot count on yourself, then really, there is no point fighting for this country.

You make this country. Whether this country makes or break, it is up to you. So it is time we decide for ourselves what we want and take some responsibility for ourselves, instead of keep waiting for someone else to clear the shit.

Post reproduced with permission from Roy Ngerng.
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