The Ministry of Manpower today (Jun 4) has just published an annual wage practice report for 2014, and it is revealed that only 45.4% of the employers gave a pay raise of S$60 or more to low income workers earning S$1000/mth or below. Among those that did not give the low income pay raise cited they are “already paying market rate” (20.3%), or company not performing “well” (12.8%), or increasing S$60 for the low income will affect business/wage costs (8.1%), or wages locked-in under contracts (2.0%) or poor employee performance (3.9%).

Lesser low income salaries also see lesser pay raise in 2014 (45.4%) compared to 2013 (57%).


In 2014, the National Wage Council appealed for employers to give a minimum S$60 pay raise to low income workers earning S$1,000/mth and below. Former NTUC Chief, and presently the Manpower Minister, Lim Swee Say led the call for “Progressive Wage Model” and was especially loud, even hailing it “better than Minimum Wage”, in recent years but it apparently amounts to no effect on Singapore employers.

Do you still think the Progressive Wage Model is still better than the Minimum Wage?

To read the rest of MOM’s report, please click here.

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