A 29 year old Swede foreign talent working as a corporate secretarial executive in Singapore has been jailed for 12 weeks following his unprovoked attack on a 60 year old taxi driver. The attack happened on 20th Sept 2014, Andreas Michel Blomqvist was taking Mr Koh Tat Wah’s taxi from Harbourfront to his home at Ang Mo Kio. When Andreas reached his destination, he did not pay up for his S$20 taxi fare and walked away. Mr Koh later confronted Andreas to which the assailant then pushed him to the ground and kept punching him in his face. Andreas was later stopped by a passer-by.

Photo from My Paper
Photo from My Paper

Mr Koh suffered bruises to his forehead and swelling on his eyes. Andreas who was in court yesterday did not hire a lawyer, and gave his own defence saying he felt unsafe and had punched the 60 year old in “self-defence”. He even said:

“I know I did not pay the fare, but he did not have the right to block me.”

He also said that the injuries suffered by Mr Koh were “mild” and that the taxi driver did not take any medical leave and resumed to work the very next day. Apparently, the Swede who has been living in Singapore since 2011, does not know taxi drivers in Singapore do not have medical leave and for each day they do not work, they still have to pay rent for the taxi.

The public prosecutor requested for a penalty of 4 to 6 months jail term, but the Singapore court gave him only 12 weeks.

Do you think the judge’s sentencing will only embolden more attacks on taxi drivers?

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