Every morning when I wake up
I am reassured by the sight of high rise flats and
I give thanks that I was born with more than half a mind
That I can see past the lies of dissidents and malcontents
Or else it may be that every election
I would make unthinking votes for opposition’s sake, but
My ballot slip will go to the same ruling party of 40 years
Not to to say it’s wrong or stupid to vote different, but disagreeing is not
To wear a shackle and call it civic virtue
It is to take solace in a stable future for our children
It’s not the fault of our politicians
That everything cannot be perfect, and we must remember
That they were born without the privilege
To take life easy, and rest on their laurels, for early on they had
To pull their heads free of
The accusations of opposition members who are only fit to be
Their asses

(I have finally written something that will please both the PAP and its opposition. After reading the above, read it again while skipping every second line)

By Ryan Ong
Editor at www.findawealthmanager.com

Photo by Wikipedia
Photo by Wikipedia