The New Minister of Manpower Lim Swee Say has just came out with a new lingo: “Easier, Safer, Smarter”.

In a media interview with The Straits Times today, the former NTUC chief said that the Progressive Wage Model is important but not enough, so he is pushing to make jobs “easier, safer, smarter”.

Lim Swee Say is notorious for his lingos since he became a Minister without portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Office. Among them are as follow:

Better, Betterer, Betterest for employees;
Cheaper, Better, Faster for employees;
Upturn the Downturn for the sluggish economy.

Below is a video of him leading a song he created:

Minister Lim Swee Say is also known for his gaffes.

Photo by Martyn See
Photo by Martyn See

Are you fortunate that you have Lim Swee Say as the new Manpower Minister?