Latest: S-Pass holders and Work Permit Holders with foreign driving license will have to pass a Practical Driving Test (PDT). E-Pass holders are exempted.

Drivers who currently hold converted Class 3 licences will have up to May 31, 2017 to take the Class 3 PDT.

Requirement for drivers with foreign licenses will however remain and just need to pass Basic Theory Test.

There will be two new driving licenses introduced: Class 3C and Class 3CA. The Class 3C licence will allow the holder to drive all Class 3 vehicles except light goods vehicles, mini vans and small buses. Class 3CA is the same except for vehicles with manual transmission.

Photo from blogspot
Photo from blogspot

Test fee for the Basic Driving Theory Test, Final Driving Theory Test and Motorcycle Riding Theory Test will increase S$0.50 to S$6.50. The test fee for the Practical Riding Test, Practical Driving Test, and Proficiency Driving Test will increase S$6 to S$26 on Jun 1, 2015, and to S$33 on Jun 1, 2016.