A 43 year old cobbler has been sentenced to 14 years of jail and 14 strokes of the cane today (May 27) for raping and sexual assult of a 13 year old minor. Terence Ng Kean Meng owns a cobbler stall near Commonwealth MRT station, which is also where he first approached the school girl who had then ran away from home. He then offered to be her “godfather”, and even went to see her then-seriously sick mother to seek her consent for taking care of the girl.

Photo from Twitter
Photo from Twitter

However, within the first five weeks after they first met, Terence Ng started having consensual sex and masturbation with the minor in three occasions. He was caught only after the 13 year old filed a police report on the advice of a friend she confided into.

Terence Ng’s defence lawyer Subir Singh Grewal said in court today that the relationship between the two started out as platonic, but this is objected by the prosecution who claimed that Terence Ng started off the relationship with sexual intent.

The defence lawyer later presented Terence Ng’s mother in court who filed a statement, saying that her son has always been filial, and that there was a psychiatric report 36 years ago saying Terence Ng was lagging behind in physical and mental development.

The judge eventually ruled Terence Ng guilty on two counts of statutory rape under Section 375 of the Penal Code. He will serve his sentence start today.