An Indonesian PhD student from National University of Singapore (NUS) has been jailed 6 weeks for molesting a 20 year old student on the MRT from Buona Vista to Jurong East. He was arrested by security officers after the lady confronted him for rubbing his groin against her.

Irfan Syanjaya, 26, said in court:

“She seemed to have no negative thoughts about me so I did not move away. I assumed she had no problem about me standing where I was.”

Mugshot from The Straits Times
Mugshot from The Straits Times

Although Irfan is a NUS PhD student, he required a translator in court.

This is the second NUS student convicted of molest. Just yesterday (May 25), a Vietnamese NUS student was jailed 3 weeks for taking upskirt videos of women.

The two foreign students are most likely on Singapore Government-sponsored scholarships because both Indonesian and Vietnamese schools are not recognized for direct enrollment into NUS.