Photo of K Shanmugam from AFP

The Minister of Foreign Affairs K Shanmugam announced today (May 23) that the Singapore Government will offer US$200,000 in financial aid through ASEAN to help the Rohingya asylum seekers. Minister Shanmugam said that Singapore is “concerned” about the asylum seekers and welcome the efforts of other ASEAN countries to provide a temporary asylum for these refugees.

Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia has since come to a deal in a meeting to help the asylum seekers with the sole absence of Singapore. The three governments agreed to take in 7,000 more asylum seekers and are also currently scouring for more boats in the sea, again with the exception of Singapore.

More than 3,600 Rohingya asylum seekers have arrived in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, with thousands more still stranded at seas.

Earlier this month, the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs said:

“As a small country with limited land, Singapore is not in a position to accept any persons seeking political asylum or refugee status, regardless of their ethnicity or place of origin”

Photo from AFP
Photo from AFP