The Foreign Ministry of Thailand has confirmed that they did not sign any agreement with China over the recently much reported construction of the Kra Canal. The Transport Ministry of Thailand has also confirmed that the project is not in their plan.

Although an official admit that China is pushing for the Kra Canal project to go through, the Thai Government raised concerns about national security over the construction of the canal.

However, the Thai officials do not rule out private ventures.

Photo by NextBigFuture
Photo by NextBigFuture

The Thai Security Adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister said that news media has most probably misunderstood from the feasibility studies by the Kra Canal Committee who consisted of businessmen and former government officials from both sides. Officially, both governments did not arrive to a deal.

The China ambassador to Thailand has also denied official involvement with the project.

The Kra Canal news stemmed from media reports in China, which later went international with news media like the Daily Telegraph and maritime industry watchers like the International Institute of Marine Surveying.

States Times Review has also carried the report previously, and would like to apologize for the error.