New residents who have received their keys for Senja Gateway Built-to-Order (BTO) flats in Bukit Panjang are complaining about the quality of their floor tiles. Apparently the most typical complain is that the tiles are too rough, not easy to clean, different colour arrangement and a range of other issues associated with the quality of the floor tiles provided by the BTO contractor.

Here are a few photos taken from the closed group “Senja Gateway Building Issues”:

tiles4 tiles3 tiles2 tiles1

Residents of Senja Gateway BTO have taken their complains to the resident MP Liang Eng Hwa and had two meetings with the MP and Resident Committee (RC) of the area. However nothing have been done.

Although the Singapore government-controlled mainstream media The Straits Times also carried their complain, the 154th ranking newspaper said that HDB workers managed to clean off the stain within 3 minutes for a case where a flooring stain could not be removed.

A resident posted on the secret Facebook group that the recent Trivelis DBSS project managed to get compensations offered from their developer because their residents have made it a national news.

Do you think the HDB should be responsible like the private developers to the Trivelis DBSS residents and compensate Senja Gateway BTO owners too?