The Singapore Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) found that at least 38% of the pet shops and 83% of the pet farms in Singapore have no basic welfare for their animals. Basic welfare include having a cage of a comfortable size for the animal and access to clean drinking water at all times.

Photo from Happypaws

A two-month plainclothes operation was conducted by ACRES staff and volunteers between March and May, which sampled 41 pet shops and 12 farms. An astounding finding revealed that 7 out of 11 pet shops which was awarded Grade A under the Singapore’s animal regulatory board AVA’s Pet Shop Grading Scheme breached the basic welfare requirements. The report of the grading scheme breaches has been submitted to AVA but the government regulatory body did not say if there is any punishment for the offenders.

The head of campaigns for ACRES, Ms Noelle Seet, said:

“We encourage the public to be the check and balance of the pet industry as consumer demand wields much influence over industry practices”

However, if the AVA is not going to introduce any punishment for shops that breaches the licensing rules, do you think it is a waste of time whistle blowing to the government regulatory body?