City Harvest Church’s founder and singer Reverend Sun Ho Yeow Sun was in court today for a hearing and said she has never asked how well her music albums were selling and simply thought her albums were selling so well she was about to get a Platinum award.

The 42 year old gave her testimonial for the first time where 6 of her church leaders, including her husband Pastor Kong Hee, were facing charges of misappropriating church funds to fund Sun Ho’s album sales.

She also said that the US producers were confident of her singing abilities and her US album was working towards “multi-millions of sales”.

Photo from YouTube
Photo from YouTube

The 6 City Harvest Church leaders are facing trial for misusing $24 million of church building funds to buy sham bonds in two companies, Xtron Productions and Firna, which were set up by close friends of the 6 leaders, in a finances circulation technique called round tripping in an attempt to hide the loss of funds from auditors.

Sun Ho’s husband, Kong Hee, is represented by PAP Moulmein-Kallang MP Edwin Tong. Kong Hee was also co-own a penthouse at Ocean Drive, Sentosa Cove paying about S$17,000 a month. The City Harvest Church he founded boast a $48 million “titanium” building, and is one of the richest churches in the world.

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