In a radio interview conducted in Chinese over Singapore Press Holding’s 95.8FM, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong reiterated that it is dangerous of Singaporeans to think which constituency can be given to the Opposition:

“We can’t say at the next election, the next Government is already confirmed and we are now just choosing how many opposition members we want, or which constituencies the opposition should be given more of a chance in. I think this is a dangerous way of thinking”

He also emphasized that every election is serious as it determines the leadership team that will look after citizens and the country’s future.

Screenshot from mycarforum
Screenshot from mycarforum

Looking at a few of Lee Hsien Loong’s policies below, do you think he is capable of looking after citizens and the country’s future as he claimed?

1) 6.9 million population
2) Increase in CPF Minimum Sum and Withdrawal Age
3) Increase in scholarships for foreign students
4) Increase in S pass application approvals
5) Increase of spending in billion dollar projects like Garden By the Bay, Bishan River and the upcoming Project Jewel and Jurong Lake
6) Increase in rich-poor income gap
7) Using of defamation lawsuits and the Media Development Authority to control the media