During his speech at a service excellence award ceremony today, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong criticized Singapore for not having good service standards.

“Ask any tourist, or even a Singaporean, which country has good service? I don’t think Singapore will come immediately to mind”

Lee Hsien Loong said Singapore has made “progress” in service standards over the past decade but not quite where it wants to be yet.

Photo from Singapore Press Holdings
Photo from Singapore Press Holdings

He also emphasized the importance of graciousness, courtesy and respect in Singapore society.

“How we treat one another and whether we value and respect one other, says a lot about the kind of society and the kind of people that we are,” he said. “If we aspire to be gracious, courteous, respectful of one another, if we want to live in a place where everyone belongs, doing his part, excelling and serving with pride, then each of us – we have to do our part.”

However, Lee Hsien Loong is also known widely for his defamation suits against his critics and his offending treatment of the Opposition in Parliament. Have a look at the video of his election speech below, what do you think this says about the kind of person that he is?