The Singapore Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) has become the first organization in Singapore to be protect from the newly enacted 6-month old Harassment Act. The Harassment Act was popularly known to protect individuals, have today protected the Singapore military stat board MINDEF. The first individual to be protected from the Harassment Act was blogger Xiaxue, who applied for a court application against harassment from vigilante Facebook page SMRT (Feedback).

Yesterday, the Singapore Court ruled that Dr Ting Choon Meng and socio-political website The Online Citizen have made false allegations that the MINDEF stole Dr Ting’s idea for a mobile first-aid vehicle from his company MobileStats Technologies.

Photo from Straits Times
Photo from Straits Times

MINDEF claimed that such false allegations will undermine their integrity:

“As a Government organisation, MINDEF is held to a high standard of conduct. When false allegations that damage our integrity are made, they can dent public confidence in MINDEF and the Government. MINDEF hopes that all parties involved will respect and abide by the Court’s decision”

The Online Citizen said they will appeal the judgment because “this has serious implications on freedom of expression”.

What do you think if the PAP Government decides to apply for protection under the Harassment Act from socio-political websites? Do you think the Harassment Act can be abused by the Singapore Government to gag free speech?