A 22 year old Young PAP member serving in Aljunied, Mr Lim Kun Yun aka Edison David Lim has allegedly cheated Mr Gary Liu of $24,380. According to Mr Liu, Mr Lim goes around getting people to invest in his company, collecting investments and instead of accounting for the money he collected in his company’s name, he embezzled the company funds to pay off his personal debts of more than $75,000. Even though Mr Lim is still saddled with all these debts, he is still splurging on his extravagant lifestyle, renting offices that he cannot pay for, and even rented a condo for himself and his staffs to stay in. He also splurged on expensive meals and taxi rides. Mr Liu said that Mr Lim goes around swindling people’s money to sustain his lavish lifestyle.

Mr Lim had reportedly told his parents and everyone else that he is a second lieutenant in his camp, even though he is just a lowly admin NSF. He would also go around asking people to google him for all his achievements in Nanyang Polytechnic (He claims he is a speaker and head of Entreprenuer Club). He also frequently bragged about his links and connections to the PAP (See his FB photos). He also boasted that he owns a condominium, fully paid up (In reality, he rented it).

Till date, according to Mr Liu, the amount he owes Mr Liu and a few other partners and people who loaned him money, adds up to at least a whopping $120,000. This is not inclusive of the outstanding salaries that he owes his staff who are mostly teenage girls. Mr Liu also alleged that Mr Lim offered the staff a salary of $3K to $5K and yet no real work is being done by the staff, because his projects to most of his clients are not even being done. Mr Liu called Mr Lim a ‘lonely and desperate fucker’ who is ‘using loaned money to pay for the girls’ company and attention, to keep them by his side at all times’.

In just a short span of a month, Mr Lim has allegedly squandered about $30,000 on the rental of his condo, to house the girls, to cloth them and feed them, sustaining their lifestyle habits of manicures and more, just so that he would not be alone.

Mr Liu claimed that he has a recording of Mr Lim confessing that he needs the loans to repay his outstanding debts. When the others who loaned Mr Lim money threatened to expose his actions, based on Mr Liu’s Facebook post, he alleged that Mr Lim went to the banks to get a loan, and eventually confessed that he faked and doctored his Notice of Assessment to try and submit a doctored N.O.A. statement which the banks did not detect.

Mr Liu ended his post, stating that he will be making a police report against the errant YPAP member for  all the criminal offences he has committed, namely Criminal Breach of Trust, embezzlement of company funds, doctoring of Legal Documents, cheating the banks and owing staff salaries and refusing to pay.

Mr Lim was an active Young PAP member, and even had photos with former Minister and former PAP chairman, Mr Lim Boon Heng. As of now, there is no response from the Young PAP about the serious misconduct demonstrated by their member.

Photo from Gary Liu
Photo from Gary Liu

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