You know what kind of person gets a degree from a degree mill?

Someone who is *out to deceive a prospective employer*. No one sends a credit card number to get a degree in 10 minutes, without being fully aware of what they’re doing.

It’s entirely different from someone who actually paid $300,000 for a degree course, studied to earn it, and is simply unfortunate that said degree isn’t recognized.

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If you’re a hiring manager, you need to distinguish between the two. There is a BIG difference.

If someone has a degree from a valid institution, but it is unaccredited, then by all means proceed to judge based on experience and apparent competence.

But if you meet someone with a degree that came from a mill, then you are *dealing with someone who came to the interview intending to rip you off*. You should feel insulted, because it explains how stupid and ignorant they think you are. So don’t hire them.

But okay, let’s say you don’t have the capacity to judge.

You don’t know what’s a degree mill and what’s not, and you don’t have the inclination to check despite *this actually being your job*.

Let’s say it’s only a few years down the road, when someone else informs you that your employee bought a degree.

Now, even if you’ve found out after the fact, you know what you should do? FIRE THEIR SORRY ASS ANYWAY.

It still matters that, at the time they came to you for the interview, they knowingly downloaded a fake degree in order to perpetrate a form of deceit (see above: NO ONE downloads and presents a fake degree by accident).

Don’t hire people who present degrees from mills, and even if you find out afterward, fire them anyway. They are liars.

Ryan Ong
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