The Singapore mainstream media, Today, featured an interview with controversial 16 year old YouTuber Amos Yee’s grandmother.

Reporter Yvonne Lim interviewed Amos Yee’s paternal grandmother to obtain comments about her comments on her grandson.

Screenshot of Today website
Screenshot of Today website

Many Singaporeans have taken to Facebook to criticize the Singapore mainstream media over this report:

“Honestly, TODAY, you are just embarrassing yourself.

what a sorry ass article, designed to mar Amos’s character and to enunciate the concept of fracture within their family unit.

The world is reporting this event framed within the constructs of freedom of speech and heavy handed state sanctioned persecution of constitutionalised freedoms.

And here you are, pathetically trying to get his grandma to vilify him.

You should be totally ashamed of your utter lack of journalistic integrity. I thought it was bad enough that the press has been misquoting him but its reporters like you that seem hell bent on dragging the already low ranking of 153 to new abysses.

Yvonne, I hope you will one day look back at your sorry excuse of a career and realise that by writing for the national broadsheet as if it were a trashy tabloid,

you had indeed forged new lows for your craft.

grotesquely unprofessional.”

Kenny Ang

Another commentator on Today’s page said:

“What is wrong with you TODAY? Can’t you even have an ounce of human decency not to publish the grandmother’s name in full or mention the locality where they live?”

Vincent Law

Do you think Singapore’s mainstream media is out of line by interviewing someone’s grandmother?