I am disappointed with the verdict of Neo Gim Huah, who was jailed 3 weeks for voluntarily causing hurt against 16 year old Amos Yee. This is what Neo Gim Huah said of his actions in Court today:

“I remember how arrogant he was…That’s why I thought by giving him one slap would instill fear in him, and also let him know what are the ways of the world.”

“Neo had said that he had intentionally hit Yee in the presence of the media as he “wanted the assault to be publicised so that the world at large would know that (Yee) was being taught a lesson”

Photo from The Straits Times
Photo from The Straits Times

This is clearly not only one charge of voluntarily causing hurt. By his own admission in Court, there are two other valid charges against Neo Gim Huah:

1) An attempted criminal intimidation to make Amos Yee plead guilty
2) A subjudice contempt of court to influence Court’s judgment on an ongoing trial