Responding to media queries over the shut down of The Real Singapore (TRS) by the Media Development Authority, the Minister for Communications and Information Dr Yaacob Ibrahim said that MDA did the right thing and what TRS did was aboveboard (straightforward).

Screenshot of offending post on Facebook
Screenshot of offending post on Facebook

“It is aboveboard, you can see all the evidence we have put forward in terms of the materials in which they have published.”

However this statement by Minister Yaacob could be sub judice contempt of court as the TRS editors are still on bail and pending court verdict. The next pre-trial conference is on May 18.

As a high level Government Minister, Yaacob’s comment will likely influence court’s judgment and impugn the integrity of the court.

Do you think the Singapore Police Force should arrest Minister Yaacob for investigation over sub judice contempt of court?