A corrupted former government official from Jiangxi Province China has been extradited after serving 15 months for transferring S$242,820 into his Singapore bank accounts. The 51 year old PRC man, Li Huabo, arrived in Singapore in January 2011 and he was arrested in March 2011 for being involved in an embezzlement of more than S$19.27 million from the PRC government into Singapore banks. The arrest happened barely two months after Li Huabo landed in Singapore, however, he was somehow granted Singapore Permanent Residency while he was waiting for his verdict in 2013.

Photo from South China Morning Post
Photo from South China Morning Post

When Li Huabo was arrested, he claimed that the Singapore Government will try to help if he cooperated. If he didn’t, he could face heavier punishments, or even the death penalty, in the hands of the China Communist Government. Li Huabo refused to cooperate and was charged with three counts of banking stolen funds.

Yesterday (May 9), Li Huabo and his family’s Permanent Residency has recently only been revoked, despite been serving his jail sentence for 15 months. He been sent back to China following his release yesterday. The man in the top 100 wanted list of China will likely face the death penalty.

According to the Bloomberg’s interview, during the investigation and prosecution period from March 2011 to his verdict trial on April 5th 2013, Li Huabo was given a monthly cheque of S$4,000 from the Singapore Government when the latter froze his bank accounts. During this period waiting for trial, he was doing nothing staying at his three-bedroom luxury condominium.

Do you think Amos Yee too should be given a S$4,000 monthly allowance while waiting for his verdict?

Why does Singapore ICA approve his Permanent Residence without requesting for Police Clearance from China?