I seek out to NEA to feedback that food stalls that are certified by NEA failed to display prices for their food. NEA (then) routed (me) to Retail Price Watch Group which also did not respond.

Photo by SpringTomorrow for illustration only
Photo by SpringTomorrow for illustration only

One such eatery is Afganistan Restaurant at Tampines St 23, whereby many food stalls do not display prices, e.g the Prata Stall. It used to display prices before it last renovation. After revamped, the prices (display) are gone.

Other eateries (which do not display their food price) are Economic Rice Stalls operated by Chinese at Food Courts. The definition of meat could be ridiculous: TOFU with salted egg is considered as Meat price, long bean with few pieces of fishcake slices is also considered Meat price, veg with ikanbilis also considered as Meat price.

Please help to raise awareness of food scam in SIngapore eateries.


Editor’s note: I have added explanations in brackets to help readers understand the message Richard really wish to convey. Have you personally encountered any food stall, especially those economical rice food stalls, who have charged you inconsistently?