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A Taiwanese media animator has created a scathing animation video against Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong over the treatment of YouTuber Amos Yee.

Screenshot from YouTube
Screenshot from YouTube

In the animation video, Amos Yee was seen showing disrespect to the deceased former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and an unnamed man in suit with an iron fist went hysterical over the disrespect. The man with an iron first whistled for a contingent of army and fighter planes to arrest Amos Yee.

The Taiwanese animator said:

Amos Yee made an incredibly insightful and informative video on the Singapore government, while at the same time dropping a few F-bombs and badmouthing Christians….and because Singaporeans are, how did Amos Yee put it? (censored)…so at least 15 police reports were lodged against Amos Yee because the little man decided to speak his mind. Really Singapore? You’re going to throw a 16 year old kid behind bars for having the guts to speak his mind?


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