My niece, 19 was reading it, my friend in his early 20s was reading. According to my niece, TRS was the most popular sites among the younger generation.

Why the government fear this youthful energy? During 50s bus riots, it was the students. Thailand, it was the youth, Burma it was the youth, Egypt, it was the the younger generations. The knew this youthful energy, in order to counteract this energy, National Service was introduced.

Photo submitted by Contributor
Photo submitted by Contributor

Like an obedient dog schools and circus, they were whipped to be pliant. Sadly, this energy, the brave energy even sap the entrepreneurial spirits. Look at the hand phone service industry, a lucrative line all done by the youthful Malaysians. The national service, one way the other curtail the career of our youths, foreigners are way ahead of us. Do they care? A big NO.

They run this country as if they are always at war with us, whatever policies they fished out is of their own benefits.
Gilbert Goh, was delighted during the last May Day protest, one or two younger generations came forward to give the speech, where according to him was rare. National service, laws and the medias thus play a great role in reprogramming our youth.

The government had conquered the mind of our youth, they are proud of carrying guns and other toys. At the end of the day, they are the looser. You cannot use guns to monitor financial, datas, productions and sales.
The Government talk about productivity , the government are the major stumbling block. What do the youth future holds? bleak Where the government turning out wimps and cowards.

Do you blame Amos? Instead of sitting down and rationalize why the youths today getting restless, they did the most coward act.

The mature educated and rationalized Government, do not behave such a coward act as in futures, there will be more Amos with their bananas. We are truly a banana state.