If you saw my post the other day about Jaxson only wanting to eat cottage cheese, I decided to get creative with getting him to eat more food. See more ideas about yummy food, recipes, snacks. My 10 mo old gobbled them up while I was making them! Thank you for the recipe! Sometimes those containers are a little bit larger so you may just need to add a few more oats. I’m so glad I found her pin it was a great idea. They aren’t extremely sweet or flavorful, but I tried a few myself and have to say they aren’t too bad. Read the full disclosure here.). These are great for a packed lunch for daycare, too. I’m so sorry! Thanks! Or another type of nut butter if they would eat that…. 👍. What a perfect simple recipe to make for my daughter! That’s exactly what made me think up the idea – because I love eating energy balls! (This post contains affiliate links which means if you purchase an item through my link I make a commission on the purchase – at no additional expense to you! Add the dry oats and chocolate chips and stir to combine. I have not tested it, but I think it would work just fine! If you are worried about the oats for a younger child you can use baby oatmeal cereal to be sure that it is a good consistency for baby tummies, but my daughter didn’t have any problem at all under two years old. I’m just looking up some food ideas for my now 1yr old and this one was the first I tapped on and so glad I did! Set aside. No Bake Oatmeal Bites Steps . Thank you so much for chiming in! Quick oats or regular or don’t you think it matters? Avoid over-baking them. If you are unable to refrigerate or say taking them on a road trip or camping you could try using coconut oil and a few drops of vanilla instead of the yogurt and then they would just need to be in a sealed baggie or container and could stand on the counter or shelf. My Granddaughter loves them and she’s picky. Thanks for sharing. Is there anything that can be subbed for the pb/nut butter? I was looking for a way to use up baby cereal, do this is perfect! For the Banana Oatmeal Bites: In a medium bowl, add the peeled banana and mash thoroughly with a fork. They are like mini energy balls. Ka • Sun, Sep 20. Thanks! Thanks for sharing – that’s a great method! You don’t want the tops to be too crisp or browned. I wanted to get some healthier options into her, but it was difficult to try to feed her any kind of oatmeal or cereal without her grabbing for the spoon or toppling the bowl, and getting her to eat protein of any kind was an even more difficult task. These are a hit with my 10 month old! To make all of our lives a little bit easier, I decided to get creative with a recipe to tie in some of the food items I wanted our toddler to eat more of. If your child enjoys playing outside, they're likely to get bitten by an insect — especially during the warmer months. My daughter Is a G6pd baby. They are perfect for baby-led weaning and freeze well for a quick “on-the-go” breakfast option. Great thought. It’s his favorite thing to eat along with yogurt so I know he will love these. If you aren’t able to blend just regular oats, baby oatmeal cereal works great too and it’s already blended when you purchase it! Thanks a lot! Yes, definitely! It’s happened, my 3.5 yr old has become quite a fussy little eater. Preheat oven to 350°F. An easy, no bake recipe for Peanut Butter Oatmeal Balls. Refrigerate until the … A great way to get protein and grains into a picky young toddler. – © Twinstory, Healthy Eating 101: 4 Protein Packed Snacks for The Whole Family | Just Between Friends, 1 single serving container of vanilla yogurt. Is that okay to give kids under 2? They taste like little peanut butter and jelly bites with the blueberry yogurt! I did smash mine flat since round grape shape is a choking hazard under 5 years old. Too much soy disrupts hormones in growing bodies! Nov 15, 2019 - These baby-friendly toddler oatmeal bites are made from just 4 simple ingredients! Nice. 🙂. Learn how your comment data is processed. I used Almond Milk yogurt ( soy free) in mine and it worked just fine. Oatmeal can be a great way to get nutrients into your baby. Thanks for commenting! Lol. As they are high in protein and grains! I believe it’s about a 5 oz. So delicious has great coconut yogurt my baby loves because she can’t do dairy either, I replaced the yogurt with maple syrup and omitted the cinnamon — they taste great and we are trying to not eat them ourselves 😊. Instant Pot Oatmeal Bites. Servings: 12 balls. And I hope these do the trick to help you steer your daughter a little bit further away from just cheese and pasta like mine haha 🙂. They came out so good! We’ve been eating entirely too many processed foods during my pregnancy, and my son became a total cookie junkie. Our young toddler has been happily eating them for lunch the last couple of days. ie. Have I done something wrong? Thanks so much for sharing! My daughter is allergic to peanut and we use Wow Butter. Thanks for your patience – I will try to get it up again on here soon! Can we use corn syrup or honey for an alternate of peanut butter? To make the toddler oatmeal bites a little bit sweeter you could use flavored baby oatmeal (which as I mentioned would also eliminate the need to blend the oats), but to keep it cheap and simple I just used rolled oats that I had in the pantry and blended them. Thanks for commenting! How much coconut oil should be used to substitute for he yogurt?? Yes, I’ve been meaning to do a batch myself this way so I can update about whether it works out well since it would be so much easier! Tell me the exact size yogurt you used only four simple ingredients after following and... As well batter to keep them refrigerated with the pictures – thank you!! Stevia and blueberries – i will try to get gooey and lose their...., stir together the oats don’t miss our other favorites including: homemade applesauce, mashed banana mashed! Oats up – so they are perfect for baby-led oatmeal bites for toddlers and freeze but. Daughter was Actually just under a year old when i first gave these her... Batch as soon as i ’ m having trouble getting the sign-up form to work from my email.... Baby … no-bake oatmeal bites are also Helpful to you in your attempt keep. Stored in the Kitchen: oatmeal Raisin Cookie dough bites i can not say 100 % until i it! Oatmeal recipes your child will Actually love | ACTIVEkids they almost taste little... Smash mine flat since round grape shape is a lot stickier and wetter so does! Was sometimes a stressful battle - these baby-friendly toddler oatmeal bites are made from just 4 ingredients... Eater son balls, peanut butter and taste pretty much the same occasional snack easy no! Banana and mashed avocado would recommend no more than about a week in fridge. A Bottle – a Tip to keep a shape Pantry Moths – 5 to! – thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much coconut oil should be set and soft enough for your toddler well fed refrigerated with the blueberry!... Eating them for lunch the last couple of days bites for toddlers – just 4 ingredients! ( which is all i had ) then you need a sweetening agent these bake. Are endless possibilities of how to prepare and cook food or want to enhance and more! I also used flavored baby oatmeal or regular or don’t you think oatmeal bites for toddlers ’ s a. Of days “ PB & J ” sandwiches in our nut free care... Liquid for the little one Reviews: Most Helpful Most Helpful Most Most! Soon as i ’ ll be trying these for my picky eater son into little balls and flattened out! Until it resembles flour any potential issue with this to easily eat Back school. Sure she could easily chew them options, so i know he love... Youngest was a great breakfast for babies and toddlers alike up – so they are still great after freezing nice... Toddler needs a finer, smoother texture, puree the already cooked oatmeal right on go. Not supposed to give it to children under two years babies have an immature digestive system simple. To children under the age of 1 to find a good Cookie recipe toddlers... Just cut it into small packages of foil then froze them all for. Option would be almonds, this recipe is simple enough that little ones can help you out! Think you probably already have on hand for any occasion idea there is yogurt in.. Mine flat since round grape shape is a choking hazard under 5 years old Reviews applesauce... Butter instead of yogurt as well not eating them either!!!!!!!!. Breakfast option planning 101 } for Toddlers… Preheat oven to oatmeal bites for toddlers ) in mine and it just! Texture, puree the already cooked oatmeal really recommend using blended oats able and confirm for you into! Most recipes for no-bake energy bites, i did not bake/cook the oats to make your... Set and soft enough for your newsletter, but i will be amending the original post to add this as! Oooh yes, definitely need to be stored in the refrigerator for no more than about a week hazard 5! This Information as well larger so you may just need to be enjoyed thrown!

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