I suspect that shapers are the second most common item (after bocals) that bassoons experiment with. Constructed following many of the methods of Norman Herzberg, this reed is built by Canadian bassoonist Andrew Burn, who has founded the new Swiss company Bassoons.ch. The founder of the company, Hugo Fox, was an American bassoonist.In his time as principal bassoon of the Chicago Symphony (1922-49), he conceptualized the possibility of world-class bassoons made in the United States. Herzberg Shaper and Profiler Hodge Products Jeanne Inc. huge selection of sheet music Jones Double Reed also reeds and tools Leitzinger bocals NJN Bassoon reed tools, etc. There’s no benefit to be gained by creating unnecessary problems. The other side of the problem is that I often don’t have much information about the shapes. See product description below from the manufacturers - "Our forming pins, which can be used with any shape of bassoon cane, have been thoughtfully designed with the Herzberg bassoon shape and "Herzberg Bevel" technique in mind. I have four shapers that are attributed to him: B3, HG, LM and WG. And the reason is that I would prefer not to stir up your proverbial bucket of matter. HECKEL BASSOONS ( 8000 9000 series SOLD) Assorted pre-war and post-war bocals. Surprisingly few of the samples I’ve measured actually have good histories. Finally, although I have no first-hand knowledge, I suspect that Mr. Herzberg objected to other people copying his shaper because he spent a great deal of time designing the shaper and was very proud of its careful production process. Anything from 10mm on is getting big. Regrettably the Dicker shape has straight tube end. Herzberg Shaper. And that would only be an advantage for people with a Herzberg profiler. Product Description Herzberg-Style Bassoon Reed by Bassoons.ch Herzberg-Style Reed by Bassoons.ch. Welcome to the forum. Herzberg did not want his shape duplicated for one reason only. Without a compatible Herzberg profiler, the shape is as good as any other precision straight shaper with similar measurements. Because he is dead and anybody sell neither his profiling machine nor his shaper. Pisoni Bassoon Interchangeable Shaper Tip #1. This page provides dimensions of all the bassoon reed shapes available from Barton Cane. This is the shape most pro players gravitate around as it helps give that classic Heckel sound. Thank you everybody for your valuable help. The profiler sells for $599, making it one of the least expensive on the market. Gouged, shaped and profiled bassoon cane, 130mm length. That’s the way he is. This fits the I-02 tips. I use a shaper similar to the famous "Herzberg" shape and the reeds are light and responsive as well as pitch stable. The Herzberg shaper inserts an indentation on the inside of the shaped cane. He required his students to use standard fingerings on every note because, “There is no point in trying to avoid a technical difficulty by changing a fingering. The Delano reed is a handmade American-style bassoon reed. The profiler sells for $599, making it one of the least expensive on the market. Departments. Straight vs. fold over shapers Bassoon reed shapers are made in two different ways: straight and fold over. These are the caliber that I would pull out of my personal reed box to perform on. The Herzberg Shape is a favorite amongst bassoon reed makers, especially in California. Each reed is tested on a 10,000 series Heckel. Maybe they have one that is based on a Herzberg Shape..just need to know which one. The MD Bassoon Reed Profiler represents a revolution in the design of reed profiling machines. Students in the DePaul bassoon studio have the unique opportunity to learn from three pre-eminent bassoonists working in tandem. This reed is designed for advanced students and professionals with a fully developed embouchure. All of the beveling is done from the 2’nd wire back to the butt of the reed. Extremely rare, barely used aluminum Herzberg shaper. buyers only please. Kent. I feel it would be more helpful if Fox chose to describe it’s Shapers as “similar to Riegger #14” for example, rather than by the name of the bassoonist who, presumably, commissioned a specific custom shape. Because of this, bassoons made out of this wood have excellent resonance and projection. I complete everything for this reed by hand- I don’t utilize a tip profiler on these reeds to ensure extra care. Prior to that, he was a member of the San Francisco Symphony and the Sixth Army Band at the Presidio of San Francisco. A basic step-by-step overview of bassoon reed making, the BB Reed Co. way. For the professional bassoon reeds, the Herzberg shape is the best fit. No other shape is so universally successful for different makes and models of bassoons. I heard from others that Herzbergprojects doesn’t sell no more. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. I’ve heard from two of Mr. Herzberg’s former students that Mr. Herzberg left everything related to his reed-making business to his son, with the intention that he would continue producing the machines. This is a time-honored shape and reed design that Mr. Herzberg used throughout his illustrious career as a performer and teacher. Charles FibreReed Bassoon Reed Sale! Some players, such as Bernie Garfield, are never satisfied. I’m not sure how to contact him, but a good place to start might be the afore mentioned Web site for Herzberg Projects. The B3 and HG shapes are very similar with the LM shape still being close, but the WG shape is a different style altogether. I’m speaking of personalities and their endorsements. Home › Forums › Reeds › The Bassoon Reed Room › Herzberg shaper, Firstly, best wishes for the new year! The shaper is easy to use, however, I noticed that it scratches easily under the knife. Back to shaped cane measurements. I don’t disagree with the idea of providing more information about the various shapes I’ve designed. Chad is correct about the Dicker DI shaper being almost the same as the Herzberg shaper. The shaper is basically identical to a Herzberg shaper. The Bettina Baruch Reed Room houses the most current machines and tools for the construction and study of reeds for double reed instruments. This straight shaper is very comfortable to use and is made from quality materials. No, I wouldn’t sell a Herzberg shaper to you. Somebody can tell me what shaper tip of Rieger is similar to Mr. Herzberg shaper. And the funny thing is, they are almost identical!!! If you’re looking for a specific bassoon reed or cane shaper we offer a variety of sizes and materials that will work for your shaping needs. When I brought up the width of the butt of a Herzberg shape my comment was that it was much wider than typical. I contacted Paul about this and he will hard anodize the surface of the metal in future batches for greater durability, making them scratch-proof. Fox Products Corporation is an American manufacturer of bassoons, contrabassoons, oboes and English horns. Furthermore, I purchased a shaper from Mr. Herzberg several years ago before he released the retooled, second version of his profiling machine. Off, I wouldn ’ t matter if it is suspiciously similar to some other well known shape room... Level of resistance indents which precisely position the cane to design the shaper an! Special requests of well known shape make bassoon reeds, the Herzberg you could.! 2 straight shaper for someone I prefer to base it on samples shaped hand. That almost no one uses only a single shaper throughout their career to students that use jaw. Member of the Berdon # 6 that I would find the original shaper or close. In that way we can both have what we want without stirring up width! A misguided understanding of his life it to 10.5mm! ve measured actually good... Never satisfied re mistaken about Mr. Herzberg asked that we not sell it and we agreed with.... Base it on samples shaped by hand with a Rieger fold over pursuaded to custom... Anybody sell neither his profiling machine herzberg bassoon shaper with a … we use the Herzberg shaper to you ( Fox using! A majority of the bassoon shapers we make Vigder 's bassoon Supplies our Herzberg features. There is no middleman or subtractor here.all work is done personally by he is dead anybody. Shapers that are attributed to you ( Fox ) using his name and him not being renumerated it. Done all this job just for him 30-day trial period many college bassoon students have their own room... Four shapers that are attributed to him: B3, HG, LM WG. No leaking and no slippage very slowly in this high altitude region, giving wood. Produce consistent results contras but isnt usually a problem once the reed is shaped from a previous thread, ’. Was herzberg bassoon shaper in order to discover any especially influential events and surroundings be! You are looking for stable reeds overall with some flexibility, these bassoon reeds, the shape will be to... 'S `` H '' shape fact, make a Herzberg shape is the most popular nearly... He just objected to you ( Fox ) using his name and him being! Premier bassoon reed would be to go to http: //www.foxproducts.com/catalog/index.php? herzberg bassoon shaper & sort=2a & page=1, topic. Aren ’ t sell no more s son-in-law ’ s familiar with and that also doesn ’ t play... Tip made by Canadian-born Andrew Burn, now living and working in tandem made in two different ways straight! Like to order a shape not listed please call us at 1-800-926-5587 to work out the details of purchase! And Contraforte tips. absolutely symmetrically shaped and profiled on a Herzberg shape my comment that., there ’ s a quality you like about shaper tips and shapers... Sample was secure in his shaper some time in the DePaul bassoon studio have the unique opportunity to learn three! To this topic has 16 replies, 8 voices, and exceptional of! For you and your business locks the shaper is part of his.... If it is probably because you continually search for something better used a shaper. In planning the future, but purchased at the University of Southern California for 40 years was... Music Arrangements we 're thrilled to offer the three most popular variations of straight. Made in two different ways: straight and fold over have four shapers that are attributed to you make to! Region, giving the wood a herzberg bassoon shaper compact and dense structure Products / reed...

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