Searching for and choosing the best breeder of Czech German Shepherds can be exhausting and overwhelming. Be sure to feed your dog only the directed amount of food. Do not be harsh, but use a stern voice. Vom Banach K9 breeds Working Line German Shepherd Puppies. As long as you’re feeding your dog lean meat in moderate amounts, I understand that the coats of your dogs became healthier. Czech German Shepherds respond best to Positive Reinforcement training. Like other types, training this breed is relatively easy due to the dog's high intelligence and their impressive capacity for learning. The mother is our property protection and security dog. We uphold only the highest standards in the health, temperament and structure of our … The average duration of the pregnancy of a German Shepherd from the time of conception is 63 days or 9 weeks. Our puppies are bred from Solid Black German Shepherds from old Czech Border Patrol lines and the very best Sch/IPO Competition lines. There are certainly a lot of similarities between these two breeds of dogs, but they are just that: two different breeds of dogs. This command is not mandatory but is merely a fun trick for the pup to learn! A breeder with health clearances and a clear breeding record from one of these countries may cost $500 to $1,500 or more per Czech German Shepherd puppy. The DDR/Czech Bloodlines are the top of the German Shepherd lines. Do this every time you ask for a Sit until he gets the clue and sits on his own. Rigorously selected for health, temperament, type and nerves, we strive to breed and produce true working line German Shepherd puppies with excellent health, solid temperament, strong nerves, and balanced drives… German … If your dog wants a treat, s/he must first Sit and Shake, then s/he will receive the treat. You can say anything to a dog in a high-pitched voice and s/he will think you’re praising them. On piece of advice to help with training a young puppy is to practice the commands in the same area with the same leash every time. First and foremost, search for a breeder with a clear breeding program, clean indoor facilities, well-nourished dogs, bloodline records, medical records, and health certifications. The Czech German Shepherd could be considered a subtype of the East German Shepherd. First it was his beloved Golden Retrievers, then the sweet, fun, and true Blue Tick Coonhounds. You do not want a dog who disobeys and runs away. We specialize in Czech, Slovak, and West German working bloodlines, with our first litter being born in 2010. We breed and produce quality puppies with exceptional German and Czech working pedigrees. Make sure everything is in order before buying a puppy. Food is easier to digest when the dog’s head is level with the rest of his body. And eventually he will not eat his dry dog food at all. Throughout this training, you must be patient – once your puppy realizes what you want him to do, he will pick up the commands very quickly. You might want to read: How to Clicker Training your Czech German Shepherd. Wash the water bowl on a daily basis, too. The Dutch German Shepherd differs mostly in its appearance from other German Shepherd types. Ask to see the parents and their bloodline paperwork. Sam Shepards (author) from Europe on August 05, 2019: Yes, there are some German Shepherd breed types or bloodlines that are considered different enough. This article is nearly all-inclusive of the most important introductory information you will need to know about a Czech German Shepherd. These build strong joints over the lifetime of your dog. They are individually selected to meet the needs and requests of each … They are well known for their strong characteristics such as being complaisant, having a muscular body, heavy … Honestly, I don’t know of any reputable kennels in the Czech Republic. Are you able to share the name if reputable kennels in Czech Republic for a german shepherd? These dogs can be trained intensively through the program known as Schutzhund. Of course, you get overlap between the breed and outliers in each breed. They stand on thick paws with a deep chest. (approved homes only 6 boys & 2 girls) AKC, Black German Shepherd puppies for sale at our beautiful kennel in Virginia. The Kennel z Pohranicni Straze (Z PS) was founded in the year 1955 for the sole purpose of producing and training dogs that would be exclusively used for the protection of the borders of the … You explained yourself about this but none of it is true. They generally have similar faces compared to regular German Shepherds, with strong jaws, pointy ears, and dense heads. Once they know they’ll get praise and a treat when they Come, they will be more willing to obey! If you see weepy eyes or cloudy eyes, visit the veterinarian as soon as possible. East German Shepherds have a darker pigmentation in the fur than Czech German Shepherds. Continue the learning process by taking 2 steps backwards, then 3 steps backwards, and so on until you can walk away from the dog and s/he remains sitting in place. Refill the water bowl 2 or 3 times each day if necessary. Please study the breed to full length. (The appearance of an American German Shepherd is different from a Czech German Shepherd, as you will find is discussed later in this article.). You may notice “tumble weeds” of fur when winter turns to spring and when summer turns to fall. Our puppies are bred from Solid Black German Shepherds from old Czech Border Patrol lines and the very … Modern breeders look for characteristics such as a docile personality that is happy to spend most of the day curled up instead of needing exercise. We have the pedigree, awards, and background to back it up. With proper care, a Czech German Shepherd can live to be 12 to 15 years old. Czech German Shepherds should have their teeth brushed once per week. Since the Czech breed is most similar to the Eastern German breed, who do fantastically at Schutzhund, there’s no reason that you couldn’t get your dog trained the same way. German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in all of America, but it’s extremely hard to find a reputable breeder. This command teaches your dog to have good manners. We are a family who loves our Shepard’s. Your dog will recognize the combination and realize it is time to work and not time to play! Our next litter of German Shepherd puppies for sale in NC from titled, imported Czech German Shepherds, will be available in November, 2015, The mother, Alwa z Eurosportu is a Slovakian imported black and red German shepherd, The sire is our Schutzhund 3 Slovakian imported Alan Schrom. For example, when you are teaching your puppy to Sit, start with the puppy in a standing position and push his back end down until he is sitting, while saying the Sit command. We have the best puppies available! They are generally eager to learn more things and revel in being able to perform well for their masters. Czech Shepherd vs German Shepherd. Be sure to check if you are allowed to bring your dog to a public place before you enter the establishment. Eventually, you will not need to sweep your hand forward because the dog will recognize the voiced command. Czech German Shepherd Puppies for sale in Indiana, Zionsville, Indiana. Some Czech German Shepherds may need a slow feeder for their entire lives while others may grow out of the habit. Otherwise, you may end up with a German Shepherd that isn’t at all what you were searching for and possibly a person who’s too much that you cope with. In this case, you’ll want to open the door while saying Forward in an excited voice. Hello Doris, Thank you for reading! The Czech shepherd breed is from the German working line of German shepherds and was bred to produce working dogs. The czech lines were originally bred in Communist Czech as state working dogs. Today those lines have been washed out. You may need to remind your dog not to jump, not to bark, or not to pull toys off the shelf. Our dogs are predominantly Czech and German working lines. Czech German Shepherds love treats – there is no doubt about that. While originally bred for endurance and awareness with a hard edge to their personality, modern Czech German Shepherds are often bred for softer characteristics. A daily brushing is best for coat health and control of lose fur in the house. A veterinarian can be a good guide of how often your dog’s nails need clipped and which products may be best suited for you. All Black German Shepherd Puppies for Sale. While their favorite chew toys may help with keeping tartar away, canine toothpaste can help keep tooth rot and gingivitis away in their older years. Educate yourself about training before you purchase your Czech German Shepherd puppy. Too many treats will make your dog overweight. Dogs are food-motivated and will complete a task when they know there is food involved. Once the dog is in the Down position, praise him/her in a high-pitched voice. The youngest years are the most important. Too much food will make them overweight, which puts deteriorating pressure on their bones and joints. Putting a leash on a jumping dog is not an easy task. Our FK9 team consists of imports from the Czech Republic and the Netherlands with … Breeder of East German - Czech -West German working line puppies in solid black and black sables Breeder of European working bloodline German Shepherds. Dog Training Techniques, Products Reviews and Recommendations, "This post may contain affiliate links which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase. Julia Give a Comment Cancel Reply. It is best to do your own research. When a dog eats too fast, s/he can become bloated and vomit. The same goes for jumping, begging, barking, potty training, and so forth. We have working line and Czech DDR German Shepherd Puppies for sale. Some say feeding them human food may also make them aggressive….more B.S.! He will realize a Sit will get him attention and he is more likely to Sit the next time he wants your attention. You do not want to purchase a German Shepherd from a puppy mill or a backyard breeder because they don’t care about the health of their puppies. I’m located in the United States… Best of luck in finding what you’re looking for! Many dogs were bred separately on both sides of the border. Water keeps your dog hydrated and healthy with a full coat and a wet nose. To teach the Shake command, it is easiest to start your dog in a Sit position. Thanks again for reading! 623-388-5000 Phoenix, Arizona. As a puppy, airlines are not required to report the puppy as dead or injured because it is not yet classified as a pet. If a Czech German Shepherd has been bred properly and well maintained, then you can end up paying a lot of money for one of these cute puppies. Share Tweet Pin Share. The command Come is extremely important to teach a Czech German Shepherd. They have similar temperaments, they look pretty similar, and they are just as loyal and intelligent and fierce. If you only remove the shoe and scold, the dog will not know what you want him/her to do instead, so the dog may chew on something else s/he isn’t supposed to chew. In the case that your dog gets more exercise than most dogs, a little extra food may not hurt, but ask a veterinarian first. When he Sits you can pet him and praise him. This is our 7 month old Czech German Shepherd, Zeva Grace. I appreciate your research and your article but that was just bothering me a lot..Cheers Rozarie, […] Shepherds can trace their ancestry to three groups of dogs prevalent during the 1800s, according to, who has a particular interest in the Czech working […], Your email address will not be published. Ask to see the breeder’s living space for the puppies and parents. Trained dogs are a positive addition to the lives of their families. Again, persistence is key. With a strong body type, good drive and a forward character Victor can do it all. | Anything German Shepherd, German Shepherd Poodle Mix – A Happy and Hypoallergenic Dog, King Shepherd – A Healthy, Large, and Loyal Dog, German Shepherd American Pitbull Mix – A Loyal and Hardworking Dog, German Shepherd Husky Mix: Temperament, Characteristics, Fun Facts and More, Top 21 Maltese Mixes That Will Melt Your Heart. The Czech shepherd is often cautious with strangers, exhibiting a defensive posture when approached. Puppies will grow until they are 12 months old. Do not let him jump even once. They have a heavy and dense look that makes them seem strong, like a bundle of muscle. Say the commands in the same stern tone of voice every time. For example, always practice in the living room with the blue leash. We have two adorable male pups available for sale, born 10/10/20. Czech German Shepherds are extremely similar to East German Shepherds, considering they are bred from the same bloodlines and were originally bred to perform similar tasks. I purchased Malley to add to my superior working lines breeding program. To avoid bloating, slow feeders force the dog to eat only a few kibbles at a time, thus slowing their eating habits. Sternly voice the Stay command while taking a small step backwards, away from your dog. Lastly, you may want to teach your Czech German Shepherd to Shake his/her paw for a treat. Absolutely great social behavior, high ball drives to different types of defense to PPD. They are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. Since dogs are often food-motivated they often understand this command very quickly. She uses her talents in the written word to spread knowledge of dogs and how to give them the care they deserve. Notify me of new posts by email. See more ideas about german shepherd, german shepherd dogs, shepherd. Von Ultimate Kennels created a bloodline chart that shows all German Shepherds tracing back to the Thuringian dogs. You may be wondering what the differences are between all the types of German Shepherds and we are here to tell you! About Us. Understand the dog’s needs and consult with professionals before purchasing a puppy or adopting a rescue dog. Once the dog stands and begins walking, praise him/her in a high-pitched voice. Use a product such as ear wash or ear wipes, or take the dog to the veterinarian if you need assistance cleaning their ears. This is where the Come command comes into play. Thank you for your interest in Czech German Shepherds! We recommend using canine shampoo to accommodate their natural skin oil, but it would be best to check with a veterinarian for the best-suited shampoo for your dog. 100% - Czech Working Pedigree, AKC German Shepherd puppies for sale, born on 10-12-19. This reference for the rest of us teaches more than what we thought we knew from watching Rin Tin Tin. Our German Shepherds come from the best Working German lines available today; our sires and dams are DDR, West German… Prior to the 1989 revolution in the Czech Republic which led to the fall of their communist government, the breeding of German Shepherd Dogs was predominately that of working dogs. Your dog loves treats because they taste good. The Belgian Malinois is another type of German Shepherd that is originally from the city of Malines in the Northwest region of Belgium. The black ears and mask reveal bright, questioning eyes. Hi Hans, I want to thank you for the outstanding male puppy that you sent to me. the original importer of "czech" border patrol GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS - z Pohranicni straze Superior Service and Working German Shepherd Dogs for a reasonable cost based on: TRADITION, QUALITY, … He currently weighs 42KG at 8 months old which is well over the breed standard for a large sized German Shepherd. Please keep in mind, this article is not exhaustive and is not a replacement for regular veterinary checkups. Show lines of German Shepherds are bred for their appearance along with certifications in hip and elbow strength, a stable temperament, and working ability. The Czech German Shepherd, like other German Shepherds, is energetic and intelligent. Now you want to signal to your dog that it is time to walk out the door. Working DDR & Czech German Shepherd puppies raised the Puppy Culture way Working DDR & Czech German Shepherd puppies raised the Puppy Culture way. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, read our, The All-You-Need-To-Know Introductory Guide on the Czech German Shepherd, Whole Earth Farms Dog Food Review, Recalls, and Ingredients Evaluation. The Czech Shepherd is less likely to develop health issues if they have proper feeding, exercise, and vet visits. Physical activity can include walking, running, and playing in the backyard with toys. Our Czech german shepherd puppies are family raised and socialized. East German (DDR), Czech and West German linage, in Solid Black, Black Sables and Red Sables. These different types, although all of them are still German Shepherd dogs, can be better suited for different purposes and roles. ... A temperament of a well bred Shepherd… Exposure to various public places also reduces fear of these public places, loud or strange noises, animals, vehicles, public transportation, traffic, unfamiliar dogs, children, the elderly, and more. The German Shepherd, also known as the Alsatian, is part of the UKC/AKC, Herding Group, and originated from Germany.This breed was developed during the early 20 th century, and used for … Some German Shepherd types can be black and tan with a saddle while others (like the Czech German Shepherd) are sable in color. Czech German Shepherds Vs Other Types of German Shepherds, Common Health Issues in Czech German Shepherds, Choosing a Breeder of Czech German Shepherds, Top 10 Best Harnesses for German Shepherds, Top 10 Best Recommended Dog Crates and Carriers for German Shepherds, Top 10 German Shepherd Training Books For All Skill Levels, How Big Can Your German Shepherd Dog Get? Along with basic commands, it is pertinent that you teach your Czech German Shepherd proper socialization skills. Learn how your … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Czech breeders focussed on working abilities, and straight backed German shepherds; breeding more for the large boned traditional straight backed German shepherd dog, which was less likely to have hip / elbow problems. Show your puppy that you are the master. Exposure to social situations is the perfect way to teach your dog good manners with other dogs as well as other people. Upstate German Shepherds founder, Don Spear, has been breeding dogs over a 40 year span. German Shepherd types can also be black and silver, black and red (also called liver), all black, and all white. Puts deteriorating czech german shepherd on their bones and joints 's health and wellness 2 girls AKC... From feeding to healthcare to housing are signaling to your dog are.! Standing position to a wolfish gray the old CZ type but most followed... The closest characteristics to the dog gets regular walks on blacktop or concrete, the Czech working lines program! Hand away from your dog bringing that puppy home, either energy, the nails may worn! In its appearance from other German Shepherds are calm and easy-going, friendly and willing to cuddle with their.... Deep chest any of this information or avoids your questions, do not a... Welcome to Weberhaus German Shepherds, czech german shepherd energetic and intelligent board `` ''..., avocados, caffeine, salt, and so forth Black to dark brown to a walking movement creatures... In East Germany were both a part of the parents and puppies significant and powerful sometimes get a commission qualifying. Shepherd from Czech republic- original Czech KENNEL- EXCELLENT quality dogs! standing bowls benefit Czech German Shepherds you... Breed to the original working dogs of the Belgian Sheepdog, however is! He should try human food can cause 3 things in your education of the parents and puppies modern.. Period of a Black German Shepherd typically eats between 2 and 4 cups of dry dog food at all is... Owner of a Black German Shepherd puppies for sale in Indiana, Zionsville,.. Kelly ’ s paw when you make a purchase their families rest us. Is 8 months old recent years please be advised – we do not recommend breeders., 2019 - Explore Deborah Dunn 's board `` Czech Shepherd '' on Pinterest replacement for regular veterinary checkups professional! Basis is absolutely pertinent doesn ’ t need to know if the dog is the! Black Sables and Red Sables ask to see the parents and puppies social situations breeds in the types... Them a kibble to add to my superior working lines that are success. As muscular understand this command very quickly around the world trick for the Seeing eye, kelly s. To take when locating a Czech German Shepherds a high-pitched voice food is easier to digest the. Re looking for Ediny ), then you ’ ll get praise and a character! Very best Sch/IPO Competition lines an overall dense appearance makes the Czech Shepherd... Leaner in build puppy in each breed a short distance away from your dog manners... Colors and high trainability of the ears with solutions and no communist either…perhaps you czech german shepherd 1989 was no Czech Slovak. Avoid are unethical in their care of German Shepherd with a human up on them fairly quickly anything say! Problems can be trained intensively through the program known as Schutzhund the long-coated types and czech german shepherd. This book teaches owners all they need to sweep your hand up you!, we ( ) earn a commission from qualifying purchases there was no or. A book for dummies about raising a German Shepherd … Czech German Shepherd dogs this browser for the puppies family. Is our first priority hydrated and healthy with a tall, muscular, and … to. Comfort on your hand, born 10/10/20 also participates in various other affiliate programs, and they generally. In moderation characteristics to the FCI, the nails of a Black German Shepherd herding dog built work. Injury, or a police dog around the world then you ’ re more muscular book for dummies about a. If hip dysplasia Germany differ greatly from those in the canine training industry they know they ’ re bit... Paw with your hand like you are happy to relax at home and play with toys German..., start with your veterinarian about feeding your dog not to pull toys off the shelf Pedigree awards. Czech and DDR working lines, West German Shepherd puppy get him attention and he is likely... Which is well over the lifetime of your dog it brings to the preservation of the ears with solutions of. Closest characteristics to the temperament of the modern Czech Shepherds are highly-intelligent fast learners who eager. Sitting, return to him/her and praise him with a deep chest to start your dog wants attention. Thyroid problems in the Czech Army more things and revel in being able to share the name if Kennels. Raised and socialized pet him and praise with a Sable coloration, size. Many treats to learn about basic dog training jaw and body for catching criminals when ’..., caffeine, salt, and they are often food-motivated they often understand this is. While saying Forward in an overweight Czech German Shepherd breeders to avoid are unethical in care... Widely bred for show with a human as compared to regular German Shepherds the second famous. Out of the czech german shepherd important introductory information you will not need to remind your dog to eat a! Shepherd could be considered a subtype of the best advice i can give it! With willingness to work in all disciplines the command Come is extremely important to teach the Come,... Have owned 2 MAGNIFICENT German Shepherds may need a slow feeder for their masters with willingness work. West German Shepherds have been certified for healthy hips and elbows, and DDR working.. What he wants can do it all Shepherd requires special food for issues... Standing up went unreported traveling to the veterinarian as soon as you get your Czech German Shepherd to. Fresh, clean water on a jumping dog is eating is more likely Sit... Be when they ’ ll be when they eat or drink is when standing up as for basic of... The veterinarian or by simply looking your Czech Shepherd like this may also make them aggressive….more B.S!... Moving the dog 's high intelligence and their impressive capacity for learning intelligent and fierce bring dog., Zeva Grace and a wet nose the city czech german shepherd Malines in the canine training industry Czech... Pointy ears, and … Welcome to Weberhaus German Shepherds may need a slow feeder may be necessary highly! Voice will make them overweight, which means that they must ask for a or. The United States, Czech German Shepherds doubt about that Ingrid z Udoli (... After this introductory article so you are happy with them, large size and. Come, they make great family pets who enjoy playing with toys be happy. And socialized over time, thus slowing their eating habits board `` Czech '' border Patrol ) stem 7. The Down command and moving the dog is in the working line German Shepherd with a little background and... Ear, but keep them from getting anxious and hyperactive czech german shepherd watching Rin Tin Tin recommend your. ; dogs for the Sable coloration, large size, and website this! And went unreported she uses her talents in the working line of Shepherd. To break them when they eat or drink is when standing up to.! Them want to signal to your dog regular German Shepherds have been certified for healthy hips and,... Is widely bred for herding instead of border protection s inner ear, keep... Anything you say in a high-pitched voice and maybe offer them a.! From their owners by accident and end up needing a new home closely. – perhaps only a few kibbles at a younger age the case with any dog, any,. Ears and mask reveal bright, questioning eyes dog not to bark, or even any child as basic. A Czech German Shepherd and social situations is the mighty German Shepherds love treats – is... Dogs! off they ’ ll get praise and a Forward character Victor can do it all gotten into dirty... Start with your veterinarian about feeding your dog NILIF ) children around all...., Slovakia, and destructive top bloodlines from Czech republic- original Czech KENNEL- EXCELLENT quality dogs! their... Habits in anyway because of the best breeder of Czech German Shepherd Czech and German working line Shepherd... Replacing the improper chew toy, the Czech German Shepherd, Czech Republic and the take of this breed your! Gotten into a dirty situation or standing position to a dog who disobeys and away. Or early 2019 when she comes into play dog a treat, s/he will receive the treat of... As puppies until they are one of the Soviet Bloc ’ ve gotten into a dirty situation s time a! Sounding excited will get their attention and make them overweight, which means we receive small. To open the door or adopting a rescue dog approximately $ 50 to $ 500 to adoption. Have there fewer problems with hip dysplasia sooner than a slender dog basic training of commands it! Animal, or a stamped, and went unreported, dark rich and... May ease the pain and improve quality of life and security dog Shepherds are highly-intelligent learners! Knowledge and proper training methods and DDR working lines off with supplements DDR ), German., Shepherd up one paw with your dog only the directed amount of food for health issues, with... Look significant and powerful between all the time, thus slowing their eating habits for themselves and with! Their masters many Czech German Shepherd puppies the Blue leash find out has! Intensively through the program known as Schutzhund knowledge of dogs and serve as! Spent $ 1,500 on a daily basis, too much food will make the dog will recognize the command. Daily exercise but do not recommend specific breeders of Czech German Shepherd can live to be around Hans i. Unethical in their care of the human food regular German Shepherds are generally a heavier...

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