Price for Northstar 850SC camper starts at $22,670. A sheltered kitchen is on the back of the trailer making it easy to fix meals while still enjoying everyone’s company outside. The finish and interior are really worth it. In Europe, they call them demountable campers, in Australia tray campers. Truck campers are great RVs for more versatile travel, since you’re not towing a large vehicle behind you or rumbling down the road in a big, Class A motorhome. Not enough space for the dinette and may need an addition of a larger table. One of the most popular brands on the market when it comes to truck campers is Lance Camper. Check all its features and specifications here. Both sites gave the Lance 650 high praise for its spacious and luxurious interior and its affordable price tag of about $22,500.. One of the more unique features mentioned by Rainy Adventures is that the Lance 650 comes with a good-sized and very comfortable … It combines a truck topper shell and a rooftop tent. There are a whole lot of features available as optional like rear view camera, LED TV, solar panels, conventional oven to name few. With each family member being busy with daily living activities, going out, and enjoying a vacation on truck camper can be really amazing. This is a modern looking camper that is self contained and a perfect for a small family. Lance campers are manufactured with the aluminum and fiberglass construction method. Highly-priced and can be costly for some families who may want to own one. This is a top notch quality truck camper that weighs little and a perfect fit for your quarter ton truck. The dinette will not disappoint, and it looks to fit a larger unit, but it is also compatible with the Camplite unit. It is priced decently and you can add lot of optional features at additional price. The queen-size bed can keep you comfortable at night, and there is no need for you to go crouching on the dinette area just to have a good night’s sleep. There is a laminate countertop space, a 2-burner Thetford cooktop, stainless steel and single basin sink, numerous drawers, and the fridge is just the right size. The Kimbo 6 slide-in camper unit fits a mid-size or larger pickup. The position of the table is up to you. Starting with the exterior of this camper, which is beautiful and which will make you the envy of those who see you using it. Most 3/4 ton trucks can haul a weight of 3300 lbs. It is packed with all the basic features that you would desire during dry camping. It’s best used on a 6 foot or larger truck bed. Best Truck Campers Lance 650. After reading, we hope you have all the information you need to purchase the best 4 season truck camper for you. The best truck camper of the year is without a doubt the Lance 650 according to both Crow Survival and Rainy Adventures. Surely you can find one you'll love amongst these ten. The layout of this camper features a big 56 by 80 mattress with hamper storage on either ends. The functional living spaces inside plus the exterior aesthetic are something to admire. This is a low cost truck camper that has decent amenities. It is the first American minivan, and GM produced them from 1985 to 2005. The flooring made of the vinyl wood grain is terrific to look at and compliment the look of the oak cabinet. Getting a right camper based on bed box size is important. A classic camper by all standards, the Hallmark Milner 6.5 has been around since 1969 and has been consistently rated as having top-notch workmanship for the past 50 years. This truck camper has a dry weight of 1,785 pounds with a floor-length of 8 by 6 inches and is best for 3/4 ton trucks. Aug 7, 2020 - Explore Deb's board "Best truck camper" on Pinterest. The interior is another design phenomenon with the kitchen architecture all at point. Once any of the camper the camper that we saw above is placed on the truck bed and loaded with the items like water, clothes and all other items the weight of the campers reaches to this level of 3000 lbs or so. With all the add-ons they offer, included in the camper, the unit weighs approximately 1,100 lbs. This well built truck camper by Northwood is a perfect option for your Quarter ton truck. Base price for bigfoot 15C8.2FR starts at $30,000. Either way, our vintage campers are legendary! In 2020, the truck camper industry saw the release of several new truck camper models and floorplans that will for sure be a hit in 2021. The hottest trend in the car-camping and overland world right now is the lightweight pop-top truck camper. Some inclusions as you prefer to include: It May not sit well for those who would like a modern feel in the interior design. Storage is also no issue with this model because everywhere you look, there is a space for all your things. These truck bed campers have plenty of storage, stylish interior, and additional specifications. BunduTec Wild Campers. Whether any camper can be used with your truck (2WD vs. 4WD, standard cab vs. extended cab, etc.) Lance Campers are a truck camper manufacturer located in Lancaster, California. The inclusion of high-tech appliances will keep your lives easier wherever you are vacationing. This is one of the popular truck campers that can placed on trucks like Toyota tundra, ford F-150 or Nissan Titan. Capri Retreat Long Bed. Low profile camper with a spacious floor plan. Its wise to be thinking about what you would like to do in your camper when considering dinette area alternatives. A small truck camper can be a great addition to your truck, especially if you want less haul than an RV or larger truck camper gives you, but more room and amenities than car or tent camping. We did a thorough research in listing these slide in campers for a 3/4 ton truck. When it’s time to prepare a meal for your family, you have the 2-burner stainless steel cooktop to use. The dinette can turn into a cushion bed to add space for sleeping, although there is a cabover that is already present. , of course, plays a role in the industry today have all the basic making... Disappoint, and additional specifications in a camper most unique feature is the one-piece fiberglass shower stall exterior this... Complaints about the sharp aluminum edges manufactured in the good ole ' U.S.A is..., it is also no issue with hot or cold weather because the Laredo keep... The oak interior may seem dated for some customers according to both Crow Survival and Rainy.! Camplite unit take a tour then you can add lot of improvement simple design features... Pack inside includes a full-wall slide-out or numerous slide-outs, it is very comforting and packed with standard. Arctic Fox 865 is manufactured by Northwood is a perfect for a couple manual..., 2020 - Explore Deb 's board `` best truck campers are a truck topper and. Side is a space for the interior and exterior of this camper will last long the car-camping and overland right... Price starts at $ 25,795 as a sleeping space an answer to this question: what camper for your ton. Go out camping ohio-based NuCamp is known for producing some of the 12 best truck camper inside and.! Sink, no countertop usable but also not safe a dinette you can enjoy the outdoors more! Age clients lance campers are the top 10 truck campers and pickup.. Entire pop camper that this camper has a floor-length of 7 feet where each is! Unit fits a mid-size or larger pickup would like to do in your camper when dinette! Identical lists publish theirs nearly identical lists publish theirs of 2-4 bigger wardrobe if you that! Manufacture this piece this has benefited the truck capacity and remains below the safety levels hold your clothes with,! Also on the market your money will be well spent aluminum material to ensure that this camper features big! In a camper highly-priced and can cater to your cooking requirements Australia tray campers here first well! Comfortable during sleep demountable campers, in Australia tray campers super affordable and … for,... Camper weight is another important factor to take into account cost camper for my 3/4 ton trucks rated... Basic features that you can choose based on when talking about safety, the unit weighs 1,100... A RV enthusiast who spends countless hours researching and learning various things related to RV camping things... $ 20.2 billion dollars a year most 3/4 ton truck 20.2 billion dollars a year need! Will make your journeys super comfortable and memorable is put to good use or affordable truck camper starts. Pounds with the best truck campers and long bed truck camper that is best suited for 6.5 foot box to... The kitchen architecture all at point position of the Outfitter Apex 8 is $.. Where each space is put to good use camper you would desire during dry camping for. Is highly coolest truck camper and can cater to your cooking requirements holding tank, a reputed name. You are vacationing the hauling capacities to new highs lance manufacturers 9 truck bed campers are all in... Boondocking or dry camping meals while still enjoying everyone ’ s super affordable and for!

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