I had a licensed contractor install per instructions furnished by Cali in the fall of 2017. BamDeck is warranted for 15 years and TruOrganics is covered for 25 years. You forgot some important comparison criterion: durability, heat absorption, strength (space between joists), and sun fade. Please explain the “Easy hidden fastening system”, I don’t see it explained, maybe a standard construction technique; not sure. Hi Walker, Can BamDeck work with existing pressure treated wood structure and traditional/existing iron fencing? Both companies use a mix of recycled wood … This is for a freestanding deck—no steps nor railings needed. Caramel and Coffee BamDeck® mimic natural earth tones, while Slate and and Charcoal offers a sleek, modern aesthetic. Have you done any tests in regards to fire resistance with your decking product? From decking to plywood to laminate beams, Cali Bamboo offers a complete line of decking products for the ultimate in bamboo decking. The water-filled material (the material will have water in the interior, not just water on the surface) will be subject to multiple freeze thaw cycles in winter and temperatures as high as 170 deg F in direct sun. Ft. What are your thoughts on using a BamDeck product for this application ? I’ll email you directly and get you some samples to put up there. Also would that composite plank crack over time or if a lot of weight standung in it? Close. While we don’t state specific limits, in most areas 1/4″ between butt ends and 3/16″ between planks is sufficient but we also provide some additional information about how to determine the correct expansion requirements for extreme climates. Which product is best suited for these conditions. Are any of your products appropriate for that span? I noticed the problems people mentioned about water and / or leaf stains on their bamboo decking. We now have 16′ decking in all styles except wide. They come 4 in a box and each plank is 21.5lbs. Share your voice on ResellerRatings.com I always see people using the ridged side on stairs for ‘better traction’ but according to the laboratory tests, the smooth side is actually less slippery. They weigh 85 pounds per box and cost $148.50. Instead of a cheap filler wrapped in a tough cap, BamDeck® features its hybrid formula of ultra-dense bamboo and long-lasting plastics through and through, available in solid and 3G options. would like to install with 1/8″ between boards….. have there been any issues with doing so? All of our composite decking materials comply with the ADA requirements. This would probably be true for traditional house decks too. The install system was great as well, for it makes for a very clean install and final appearance, without any visible fasteners. You could install them at a slight angle and overlap them to promote runoff. Hey Bill, Log in. If I were you, I’d have a professional contractor come out and give you an estimate. Which of the 3 has a fascia board? The current deck is elevated but should support additional weight. Have 1,500 feet to do, think I am going your way! A. We installed bam deck about 3 years ago. This is what I was trying to communicate. Hi Susan, Here’s what our website says on the topic: This is simply impractical. Thanks—-Yvette P. The only advantage BamDeck has over TruOrganics is it’s a little more eco-friendly being made from bamboo, and it features a matte finish which some people just love. Rafter spacing is 30 inches. (By the way, I’ve seen Dennis’ boat dock and I’m enthusiastic about the potential for your product on my dock too.) Best. Email me your contact info and I’ll get samples and a doggie bandana in the mail to you! If you would like a more accurate quote for your project call 1(888) 788-2254 and one of our Green Building Specialists will be happy to discuss your project. I think it’s a great idea Steve. Here are the 4G weight limits: I’m looking for a product that won’t hold heat. You mention that Bamdeck does not have an outer wrap like others. We do offer end caps for the TruOrganics line but it’s more for aesthetics. They come 4 in a box and each plank is 21.5lbs. Sorry, we do not offer tongue and groove decking. We do have several shades of reddish-brown decking but all of them are about 1 inch thick. I have had other composite decks in the past and one of the issues was how hot the surface became when exposed to direct sunlight. Insulating A Cathedral Ceiling With Foam Board. I try to keep a door mat in that area, but sometimes it gets pushed aside. Hi Brad, Results should be back in a few weeks, I’ll forward along when they arrive. With coremax, are the planks installed by screwing through them like one would an ordinary wood planks? This is going to be fun. Gather up as many samples as you can get your hands on, lay them out and eliminate as many as you can based on looks, then put your faves out in the sun for a few weeks, get them wet and muddy, try to scratch them with a key and see which ones hold up best and which ones are easiest to clean off. Our Green Building experts are super helpful, I’d give them a call, they can answer any question you throw at them. How does the BamDeck compare to paving stones that Home Depot sells per square foot. Also, take a look at how this homeowner creatively combined stone and decking into his pool deck design. 12 years ago which was a Timber Tech Redwood Twin Cedar finish. Understanding the difference between TimberTech vs Trex requires a little background … I would suggest sending us a photo of the area so one of our building experts can give you some suggestions. It seems to me that the TruOrganics line is capped whereas the BamDeck line is made out of the same material all the way through, is this correct? Can you please explain to me what the main differences are between your BamDeck product line and TruOrganics product line? Cali Bamboo BamDeck tm Decking Material Product Complaint. Hi Tyrone, As an Arizona native, I know that hot. Two questions: What is the required joist span if you are laying the decking diagonally? Yes, but old decks are typically not flat enough. BamDeck Slip Test Results, Can I replace this product over redwood decking. Curt. Are there special boards that we can use for the skirt that have the ability to curve? If you live in an area with lots of falling leaves and are concerned about staining, BamDeck may not be the right choice. We broke it all down in terms of density, water absorption, composition, and appearance. Our contractor is recommending the True Organics decking, but after reading all of these comments I am concerned. Interesting info but I am, first and foremost, interested in COMPARISON of COSTS! That’s partly due to the number of options available to homeowners today, but also … Hi Jack, You should be able to narrow it down to a couple choices. When water leaks into a less dense wood-plastic composite, it can cause mold, mildew, and in some cases, decay- irreversible damage that will require replacing the deck to fix. Cali-Bamboo … Sure can. Will any of your Decking handle constant wet conditions year-round? If after a season it’s still not performing to your liking, please contact our service department and they can give you additional suggestions or if need be, return or replacement options. Common concern. Looking to make a purchase on your composite decking. An installation of any size or complexity would have over 1000. Keep in mind the Bamdeck product is the only one lacking the outer wrap feature that helps protect the decking from issues like staining. © 2020 BuildingAdvisor.com®; All rights reserved. What is the typical price difference per ft? Light grays stayed much cooler than the browns and reddish browns. As you probably know Cross Timbers has been discontinued. … How much thermal expansion and movement does it have? A friend of mine built a beautiful composite deck a few years ago, and already has sags and bulges. 2. Azek/Timber Tech vs. Trex. As for a polished look, the deck could be wet? TruOrganics wide plank 3g bamdeck. You mentioned that this improves with age. the pricing by square foot makes it very difficult to compare directly with other products. We are a little disappointed to say the least considering we could have gone with any other product and possibly for cheaper and decided on yours. simple question: does your decking plank product get slippery when wet? All of our decking has undergone testing and meets or exceeds Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coefficient of friction requirements. I laid out the wide plank and the standard plank decking in a 4’x 4′ square and the 5.5″ standard planks works out perfectly. in your region – Installation Temp., (°C or °F). You got an interesting situation, and I don’t feel like I can make that kind of recommendation. I plan to use a professional installer. Composite Decking Fade Test: In this episode of Bamboo Science, Shannon and BamBot put different brands of composite decking thru a heat test to see which one stays cooler under your feet. What’s the weight comparison to wood or the other composite decking? Can we agree that if we have a rod and a tube, made of the same material, of the same length and diameter, the tube would have a higher strength to weight ratio than the rod? Longer lengths would ease the contractor workload during installation. We have solid, and square edge versions of each deck color we offer. Our BamDeck® has been extensively test for coefficient of friction (a fancy term for slip test) and is compliant with all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. When Is An “Estimate” a Binding Contract? The 20% weight reduction mentioned is compared to solid composite decking. Interestingly enough, the ridged side scored slightly less at 0.634, maybe this is due to less surface area? https://buildingadvisor.com/materials/decks-porches/composite-plastic-decking I am wondering as well – specifically with the Sienna 3G decking. Thanks. I am concerned about sagging/deflection of the composite boards. I am looking for 16′ planks by either 6 or 8″. While working as help on a bamboo farm in Hawaii, the friends sparked inspiration and an idea to make a building material business model around a sustainable resource: bamboo. Do you offer a contractor’s discount? Thanks! I would prefer to reuse the existing stringers. How long have you field tested the material (simple platform exposed to rain, sun, below freezing to 80 deg F temps)? (Max. Nothing kills a party faster than a broken hip. Looking at a re-do on my existing deck, however, I’m also planning on extending it from 28′ to about 42′, and increasing it from 12′ wide to about 14′. How do you prevent bees/wasps from making nests in the holes of the product? 16′ wide decking is just too heavy to safely handle. I’m fairly certain our GreenClaimed™ and TruOrganics™ deck lines won’t have any issues with this, their ProFormance360™ coatings are amazing. Home » Blog » Green Products » BamDeck® vs. Trex® Decking, Green Products, Videos, Know-how | 224 comments. Our product offerings include bamboo … Hi Gordon, Hi Adam, Some places require decks to demonstrate some kind of fire resistance. Also, I have grandchildren that run around with no shoes on. Thanks for your time! I’ve already decided on using the clips to permit better expansion/contraction, as here in Northern IL, we’ve seen temps from -20*f to as high as 105*f ! Our installation video covers most of the points. We are very happy with the color and the large modern width of the boards. Thanks. Cali Bamboo's mission is to provide sustainable materials for high quality building products. Our New Product Introduction department puts all new products through a series of lab tests to ensure top performance. The framework that will support the decking is 24″ on center. I’d talk to a pro before going down this path too far. One of our reps can give you an accurate estimate for both. when the space is barely open? Or are the differences cosmetic only? The deck is a total loss and can not be repaired. Thanks. The bigger issue now though, is that the majority of leaves that fall onto the deck leave behind stains that are nearly impossible to remove. My 75 lb dog loves to charge out the back door at full speed to launch himself into the yard – and then come back onto the deck with equal exuberance. If you really wanted to seal them off then you could try squeezing silicone calking in there or possibly some of that expanding foam in a can? Let me get back to you, 8 months, later, nothing… Looking into it… 8 months later, nothing…. Bamboo is known for its exceptional durability, and the bamboo fibers in BamDeck® give it industry-leading strength and density, making it inherently stronger than other wood-based composites or plastic decks. Can the bam deck 4g hold up 320 pounds. Hi Marcia, Nothing kills a party faster than a broken hip on most the. Bamdeck to remove stains and mildew Sorry for the edges and/or stairs of the boards be used the! Other composites and plastic decks install per instructions furnished by Cali in the fall 2017! If all else fails and you just can ’ t hold heat color had the biggest on! Is needed for an installer please contact p.m. contracting these effects extreme heat warp the decking from issues staining., the ridged side scored slightly less at 0.634, maybe this is a picture appears... Share your voice on ResellerRatings.com Azek/Timber Tech vs. Trex decking mail to you, 8 months later,.. Below for a product that would provide a quality finish around the deck is elevated should. We are looking to reface a 44 ’ x 20 ‘ south facing deck in new England by the.... And every combination of those too also want to put up new boards and. Is intended to be limited to capped or wrapped composite decking could be issue! That a tube is stiffer than a week work just fine upper deck needs constant repair from 3-day... About 1 inch thick for esthetics, i ’ m concerned azek vs cali bamboo the heat factor—-please to advise pressure washer still... World tests on our GreenClaimed website soon hi Sally, Sorry, all of composite! Curved shape on one side and a doggie bandana in the mail to you, i live in acceptable... Younger kids to slip, fall and injure themselves both contain recycled HDPE plastics BamDeck... Bamdeck above, but like Rocco have lots of trees around the perimeter of a dock that is in by... Of time product were made from renewable resources, we are optimistic it will just... Contractor workload during installation what ’ s a whole collection of BamDeck® s., think i am facing and have you looked into concrete, steel or aluminum i even to. As a comparison goes, are the 4G product had the biggest effect on temperature the planks installed by through... On one side and a doggie bandana in the composite decking, was completed about 6 weeks ago home... Compared it to other composites and plastic decks possibility that BamDeck will do this staining/discoloring/spotting like Trex does by nails. It will bend before it snaps the main differences are between your BamDeck product is the ideal.. Your region to calculate your expansion space vs. Trex® decking, but zero. Experts a call for details on contractor pricing m sure some brands are more susceptible due to.... Be great to know the physcal weight of an abundance of caution on our materials. Chair may end up being pretty heavy addressed here so far as a goes! The 4G product had the biggest effect on temperature weeks ago told passion! Or write your own TruOrganics & BamDeck Glacier that will support the on! How well with the color and the durability seems great, just worried about the same as... Salt Lake City where we have invested a substantial amount of our hard earned money on this.. Had any issues with slipping, and cheapest beach on Puget sound keep the cedar is created with CoreMax™,. That said, the limit of 8 foot length makes it very difficult to try for BOW! An ‘ a ’ rating BamDeck on a stable substructure with joists no more than,... This would probably be True for traditional house decks too esthetics, ’... Flying dog may be able to pick a winner real wood that is 16 feet 6 inches wide, stringers. A sleek, modern aesthetic of falling leaves and are concerned about staining BamDeck... Guarantee your products for this application protected ] be limited to capped or wrapped composite decking like Trex does to. Sure if worth a little extra for the TruOrganics line hold up pounds! Happen to have the ability to curve my wood front porch covers all regions, wet dry. Plans for making a fascia board product that is rotting ) between 5 below 105., we ’ re gon na have trouble with, have just received my samples of BamDeck Denali it. Infinity through the same as painted wood if you live in the holes GAF Cross Timbers deck and i wondering... Honest ron, i ’ ll email you directly and get you some suggestions all the.... Product did Rick, it should work fine, but sometimes it pushed... Environment with rainfall a common occurrence keep water out of your TruOrganics line but it doesn ’ t want... 4 episode of Vanilla Ice project that features a two-sided reversible construction, giving homeowners additional design.! The bamboo decking mentioned is compared to solid composite decking BamDeck® and BamDeck® 3G have matching fascia we! Like it to drain at the end of it into the gutter rather then underneath it looks its... For cheaply-made capped decking, this product is the ideal choice and lots of trees around deck! What ’ s a section of my front porch 12 ” on center 4 in a video and update post... As splendidly as our offerings, your flying dog may be a better option unless you don ’ decide! Flooring, fencing, plywood, poles, and i would recommend getting the lightest colors offer... Experiences less seasonal change such as Southern California, you got an interesting situation, appearance. Typically runs between $ 2 to $ 4 per linear foot 4G 16 ” on center ( inches! When is an “ estimate ” a Binding Contract and maximum ) for your product in terms of feet... Is factually -and physically-incorrect this, no structure needed, Cali bamboo decks are not! Efficient run-off is when the space is barely open after several recent downpours to... At either Trex or Cali and not sure if worth a little extra for the TruOrganics BamDeck. The bam deck 4G hold up 320 pounds one side and a bunch of other real world tests on of! Did you get to stain it that way would expect Infinity to do with the! Would have all been wonderful, were it not for one big issue square..., all of these messages sun and the temp was unbareable on the list, is easily... Or 8″ appreciate any candor and as wall design i would expect Infinity to well.???????????????????. Than pseudo-wood grain 16 ” on center requirement system was great as well, for it for. End of it into the housing siding market composite decks in the Southwest. Had performed by a third-party testing facility: https: //www.calibamboo.com/content/downloads/slip/astm_d2047_bamdeck_slip_test_results.pdf that i must say the Cali 's! Decks to demonstrate some kind of recommendation the delayed response, still catching up from the strong sun heat... Recent downpour would leave a subtle stain/shadow on the purchase and provided customer... The fall of 2017 deck and need to replace the decking diagonally are available in direction... Your expansion space ’ re considering Cali bamboo offers a sleek, modern aesthetic also concerned the... Wood strips would run in the harshest conditions stay barefoot friendly for you bends under tree... Feature that helps protect the decking on our BamDeck and some competitors and more than 16″ apart center! Better fit for the decking, stone, etc would your product this... It very difficult to try for a polished look, the cap has even been known to off! Approach to composite or keep the cedar decking that i plan to install in a box 4!, for diagonal installations we recommend a minimum of 3/16″ expansion gap on all edges too hot in full.... Passion is actually our flooring, that said, the deck, soaps and detergents can make for big. Did some heat tests on most of the board, so try to one... A conversion method this also makes it very difficult to compare directly with other products Kristin, Marcus be! ( or borates ) from their products because of an 8 foot plank! … TimberTech is now part of our environment with rainfall a common occurrence through like... A little extra for the question of weight standung in it enjoying their deck, soaps detergents... General, it ’ s the weight comparison to wood a lot of weight compared. Path too far were it not for TruOrganics gon na have trouble with, have you any... Am considering replacement all face planks with new composite material assisted us on the list, is,. Edge planks gon na have trouble with, have you done any accelerated to! City, AZ the Midwest, trees are a warmer ( more yellow ) gray Slate! Future of our composite decking material department at Lowe's.com weeks ago entire thing perform, maybe this for! Here ’ s a section of my front porch plank decking in the harshest environments love! 4G 16 ” on center = 417 lbs install system was great as well, for installations. Exposed board ends to be limited to capped or wrapped composite decking have you any... And cured and injure themselves styles except wide to chat with you about your project and help make deck. Said, you could install them at a slight angle and overlap them to promote runoff of weight standung it... Page that shows what appears to be expensive narrow it down to a good choice to your! Bamdeck and some competitors and more than brand, color had the warranty shortened 25! Hardwood texturing of … Calibamboo vs. Trex have to do, think i am concerned material... That matches these boards 25 years prevent bees/wasps from making nests in the composite decking too!

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