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Are foreigners allow to contract jobs in Singapore without permits?  


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06/02/2018 2:10 am  

This has been my questions for the past 1 year. No one seems to be able to answer them.

In recent years we have an influx of Malaysians coming into Singapore to contract jobs on a freelance basis. I am deeply concerned with this as they are practically taking jobs away from locals without much contribution to Singapore economy.

Firstly are foreigners allowed to contract jobs without applying for permits? I remember some countries require foreigners to apply for work or business permit if they are contracting any jobs or projects. Why is Singapore not doing that? There are so many freelancers from our neighbours coming in here to do delivery, renovation or maintenance jobs. Look at Macdonalds and deliveryroo, they are engaging malaysian riders with malaysian bikes. Is there really a shortage of Singapore riders? Even so, they should be using a Singapore bikes and with relevant permits. I really feel for our local riders after seeing so many of them struggling to make their ends meet.

Secondly why are Malaysian bikes allowed to be used here for commerical usages? Arent they supposed to allowed here for social usages? While Singapore bikes have to go thru annual inspections, insurance and road taxes, Malaysia bikes seem to be have lesser restrictions. I am very concerned with the insurance coverage if they had an accident here. Also they have a huge impact with the motorcycle industry here as alot of dealers are having lesser sales since most Malaysians decided to use their own malaysia bikes (which are probably 3 times cheaper).

While I do not have the statistics to back my concerns, eyes on the road will back up. If this trend goes on, Singapore will be suffering from high unemployment, high outflow of Singapore dollars, air pollution from uninspected foreign vehicles and other social issues.

I hope ST could do a study and write up to encourage the government to look into this matter. Not everything is about dollars & cents. More efforts should be done to our social matters.





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