Well, the answer to the question of what is the difference between and is simply that both of them are different IP addresses of a network. Most of router is default IP address between the two of them only. Technically these are different default IP addresses used by different routers such as D link, Netgear, Cisco, etc.

These IP addresses are also known as default gateway since they typically represent the local side of an internet network. Both of these networks are used in business and homes and there is no need of worrying if a user has Admin address and not It is seen that people are under the illusion that having a network with .0.1 IP address represents poor internet connection. However, this is absolutely berserk. The network being a poor or good one doesn’t depend upon the IP address.

Actually, the ADSL routers might have different IP addresses and passwords. The default password of the ADSL modem is necessary to be found out since; the device has to be returned to the factory default option. After the factory reset, the router will be wiped off the previous default and saved settings. Therefore, before setting up a factory reset, make sure that you have backed up the settings. After reset, you can enter your own password and username.

Two different methods of resetting

Here there are two different methods of resetting the ADSL router. Discussing them below:

  1. Hard reset by pressing the RESET button – when the device or router is switched on, you can press the reset button or hold it for 5-10 seconds and then leave it. Once you release the button, the device will automatically reboot and restore all its factory settings. In some routers, the button isn’t visible and you will have to poke a pin inside the hole to initiate the reset mode.
  2. Modem management page – the next option is using the factory default functions when you have opened the management page. When it comes to the ADSL modem and router settings, just switch on to management> do the restore default page. After this, you can check on the restore default setting and wait for few seconds until the router reboots automatically to its factory default settings.

These two are the methods of resetting the Linksys router login when you have to reset the IP address to default address. Similarly, if you have located the IP address-using command prompt, you can do so by following below steps:

  • Open the command prompt by entering cmd in the search box of control panel or you can directly press the windows key and then press enter. After the command prompt opens, you have to type ipconfig and then enter
  • At the prompt screen, you will get to see the IP address of your router. Scroll down to locate the default gateway address of your router network.
  • That is the IP address of the router or Wi-Fi.
  • Exit the command prompt after locating the IP address and enter this address later in the browser to configure the router. Make sure of not using HTTP before entering the IP address.