The past week has been heartening to read that many Singaporeans have expressed disappointment in the shut down of States Times Review.

I have been recently contacted by a Toronto-based reader who informed me that he is willing to continue STR.

I naturally discouraged him so, and warned him the risk of endangering himself and his family. He however gave me the assurance as he holds dual citizenship in Canada and Singapore.

Being the sceptical me, I ended up rejecting his request to continue STR. However, I will do my last part for Singaporeans by setting up the website for him. I have also gave him a 3-hour STR crash course, pointers, tips and a discussion on the development of Singapore. I am satisfied to say that he is fairly competent, even though he is much younger than I am.

He would be solely in-charge of the writing and the IT backend. I will have no editorial rights, nor will I interfere with his editorial.

I declined to receive a single cent from him, even though he offered me S$10,000 to set up a similar site to STR.

I hope the best for Singaporeans and his new site, the Singapore Herald.

Best regards,
Alex Tan
STR Editor

*As for myself, I am permanently settled in Australia with a new citizenship. I have no intention to return to Singapore.