Photo of Mahathir with Lee Hsien Loong from AFP

Singapore’s corrupted Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been rejected by his Malaysian counterpart for a “leaders’ retreat” that he originally scheduled for in November. The Malaysian Prime Minister put off the holiday retreat indefinitely with no fixed date.

Just earlier on Tuesday (Oct 23), Lee Hsien Loong told his PAP grassroots leaders that he will be meeting Malaysia’s new Prime Minister at the 9th Leaders’ Retreat. When the Singapore Prime Minister tried to arrange an appointment with Malaysia, he was then rejected with no date given.

The previous Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak started the taxpayers-funded holiday retreat with Lee Hsien Loong 9 years ago in 2009, and the duo wined and dined for about two days, engaging in undocumented discussions including 1MDB and sharing political pointers like election fixing in their own country. It is widely believed that Najib Razak started his 1MDB state fund in 2010 following Lee Hsien Loong’s legalised corruption model where GIC and Temasek Holdings freely gamble CPF funds and the national reserves.

According to independent investigations from the United States Department of Justice, Singapore’s state banks UOB, DBS, Standard Chartered and a number of local banks helped Najib Razak laundered billions from the 1MDB transferring the stolen funds into his personal bank account.

Malaysia is currently in a 1 trillion RM debt, no thanks to Najib Razak misusing public funds to buy over his supporters. Lee Hsien Loong operates similarly, giving his Ministers million dollar salaries, and his cronies lucrative businesses and government contracts when they pledge their loyalty to him.

Singapore’s Temasek Holdings is currently sitting on a S$49 billion debt, but there is no independent audit to check on the public funds as Lee Hsien Loong remains as Prime Minister.