Photo of PAP MP Denise Phua from Facebook video

PAP MPs Denise Phua and Lim Wee Kiak yesterday (Feb 28) took to Parliament calling for Singaporeans to donate their S$100-S$300 “Budget hongbao” to charities.

PAP MP Denise Phua even claimed that the amount given by the government is “too much”:

“I am not certain how many Singaporeans, especially those in the middle and upper income brackets, are appreciative of Budget 2018’s gift of a SG Bonus hongbao. There are some discussions on whether the sum is too little or too much. A S$100 SG Bonus hongbao for some could mean an additional dinner out, but to another, it is cash flow to purchase milk powder or diapers for the baby or disabled elderly parent. Giving Singaporeans the choice of donating it will “bring out the best in each of us.”

PAP MP Lim Wee Kiak suggested that the government match dollar-to-dollar per donation to encourage the public to donate their Budget hongbao:

“The suggestion is in line with one of the focuses of this year’s Budget — fostering a spirit of giving. The Government can provide dollar-for-dollar matching to encourage the public to donate their SG Bonus money.”

It is unknown how much the S$192,000/year PAP MPs are donating.