Photo of Law Minister K Shanmugam from AFP

Law Minister K Shanmugam proposed a new law yesterday (Feb 28) allowing male police and immigration officers to strip search women who are suspected as a terrorist. The Ministry of Law said that the law is gathered from “public consultations”:

“If passed, the changes would allow male officers from the police or Immigration and Checkpoints Authority to search a female terror suspect where they believe in good faith that the terrorist act is imminent and that the search cannot be made within a reasonable time by a female officer. This will enable more effective detection and prevention of terrorist threats.”

The Law Ministry also said that the police will have the power to edit or censor video recordings of suspects and witnesses:

“Editing is needed if the recordings contain sensitive information involving national security or intelligence sources.”

The Singapore government has become increasingly dictatorial recently due to declining public trust and support. The police was recently given the right to enforce media censorship banning all communications in any “security incident”. The Law Minister also passed a new law allowing him to detain anyone without trial or court’s permission.