Image of robber suspect from Police

Singapore saw it’s second shop robbery in recent years this afternoon (Feb 8) after a masked man successfully robbed a post office in Potong Pasir community centre. According to an image of the suspect released by the Singapore Police, a man wearing a black cap, black sweater, jeans and a surgical mask walked into the post office at 1.30pm today and told a female staff to “hand over all the money” in English.

The witness said the man was unarmed but she handed over about S$3,000 in cash. Nobody was harmed during the robbery. The man used his sling bag to take the loot and was last seen running along Potong Pasir Ave 1 towards Upper Serangoon Road.

The Singapore Police is still looking for the suspect. There is no information on the suspect, race, height, accent or any other physical attribute.